The Best Part of the Grammy’s Were The Snarky Tweets

The best part of the Grammy's were the Snarky tweets!

The best part of the Grammys were the snarky tweets…and, not just from me! There are so many funny people on twitter and that is why it’s my favorite. Every day I am supplied with hearty laughs from the snarky people on twitter. I can’t get enough. It is like I am addicted. But, when an award show airs – you can guarantee I am tweeting like a mad woman. There is too much to comment about and it is a lot less annoying than being that person who always talks through awards shows. I was guilty of being that annoying person until I started tweeting. Now, award shows provide me with hours of entertainment, enjoyment, discovery of new people to follow and saves me from being the annoying one talking through the award show! Love it!

You all know I worked in the music business for 10 years and am a rocker, right? But, the past 10 years or so have not represented Rock that well. Last night was just too weird with AC/DC opening up the Grammy’s to a less than enthused LALA land crowd. Little did AC/DC know that they would really be on a highway to hell (aka hollywood with a lot of really uptight people who know nothing about rock n’ roll)! Loosen up! AC/DC ROCKS!

Just thought I would share a few funny tweets from last night because it is the day after the Grammy’s, Monday, and I don’t want to put pants on yet!


Buzzfeed hit the nail on the head!

And Rihanna –stop grabbing your crotch!

Sad But True

Party like its 1982?

Yes – Jessica, he does! I couldn’t put my finger on it until now!

HA! Dita Eyewear is the best.

Not really about the Grammy’s but music related and snarky-yes!

Yep, pretty much sums up my reaction too!

Right? MARGE.

And my favorite! He got 1000 RT just last night with this bad boy!

Maybe Annie Lennox told Ariana Grande and Kanye West to walk on broken glass and that is why they miss so many notes! OUCH

Honorable mention goes to the SUPREME Queen of All Snark – MOM! Get that lady a twitter account!

“Madonna needs to retire. Her face retired a long time ago!” #SNARK ON!



**Stay snarky my friends!**

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