Teddy Brewski

Puppies Make Me Happy: I’m Wearing The Happiest Clothes On Earth

Seriously! I am wearing the happiest clothes on earth. Can you say puppies, the softest fabric ever, and giving back to pups of all breeds? Let me introduce you to Puppies Make Me Happy because they are truly the happiest clothes on earth and I love them. This is not a sponsored post, this is a post because this brands rocks. I was introduced to the clothing company at Teddy Brewski’s salon in Scottsdale, Arizona called Oh My Dog! Boutique and bought a rocker dog shirt that was a variation of “Howl At the Moon” puppy style. Bonus points if… Continue Reading

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Vote For Teddy Brewski In The Evite #PawtyPeople Contest

Vote For Teddy Brewski In The Evite #PawtyPeople Contest

Don’t worry this is not a political post. But, Teddy Brewski is asking for your vote as the cutest dog around (and I know he would be great president but he is running for that right now). He is in the running to be the face of Evite #pawtypeople contest with your help! If you missed it last week, check out my post about the new Evite section for Pet Party Evites. It is so cute and will for sure be the cutest blog you read in a while. In celebration of this new category, Evite is hosting a contest… Continue Reading

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My Top Dog Teddy Brewski Digs TopDogDinners

My Top Dog Teddy Brewski Digs TopDogDinners

You all know Teddy Brewski is my child, I mean dog (same thing) so I am super picky about everything I feed him. I watch what I eat so shouldn’t I be concerned with what my fluffy, four-legged best friend puts in his belly? He is already Internet famous so I need to keep up his athletic figure to ensure he is happy, healthy and enjoying every second of his fame and living up to Teddy Bruschi football player status. Plus, recently I discovered that small dog breeds are prone to lipid deposits on the eyes, which means they can… Continue Reading

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