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Hollywood (Hollyweird): So Cliché, But This Is LA

Hollywood (Hollyweird): So Cliché, But This Is LA

I am in Los Angeles for the week and thought I would revisit a post that describes how living in Los Angeles is not like what you see on TV. There are some great parts about living in Southern California (including the weather and the shopping) but there are some other reasons that make it challenging to live and navigate this harsh environment (they could probably film an episode of Naked and Afraid in some parts of LA). So, while I am in Beverly Hills, I thought I would share one of my favorite snarky posts and see if you… Continue Reading

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“Thank You” Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon For Talking New Album & Tour With Me

“Thank You” Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon For Talking New Album & Tour With Me

By now, we all know that I am a rocker and in my past life I worked in the music business doing marketing for rock bands. I bleed rock n’ roll. Music is truly the soundtrack of our lives and I remember every concert I have been to, what song was playing in good times and bad. It has helped me through tough times and is always there for me when I need it. So, when I had the opportunity to meet Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust I hopped on a plane and took a flight to Los Angeles. I was… Continue Reading

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Dating & Relationships in Hollywood (Hollyweird): So Cliché, But This Is LA

Dating & Relationships in Hollywood (Hollyweird): So Cliché, But This Is LA

People always ask me how I decide what to write in my blog posts. It is sad to say but there is no lack of bad dating or “frienemy” stories of the past, present, (and am sure the future -at the rate I am going). All I really need to do is look in my backyard at this crazy world to start typing away on my laptop. If I could have a podcast recording device attached to my brain of what I really think in daily life navigating the over-packed and even bumpier roads on the way to my office… Continue Reading

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Bringing Sexy Back: Enter & Win $190 Love Massage Box from Hello Cheri

Love and MAssage Box -

I always say I will never post anything on the blog that will embarrass my parents or I will look back in a few years and want to crawl under a table from OMG syndrome. With that said, I am all about finding love and cherishing the one you love (if I could ever find him-where is he hiding???) I also don’t think you need one specific day to show your partner that you love them like the Hallmark holiday of Valentines Day. You should appreciate each other every day and no one should tell you when, where and why…. Continue Reading

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The Hollywood Man: Hot, but Not Into Me

Just in case you missed my latest YouTube video  – here it is! Let me offer you the real perspective on a Hollywood club. They are not the greatest places to meet men unless you are in fact, a man. There are a lot of hot guys but they are either: A. More interested at looking at themselves in the mirror B. More interested at looking at each other It is so frustrating. Oh and BTW – what was the name of that movie where Lily Tomlin is a small person? **Stay snarky my friends!**

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