Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Helping Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

This post is a follow up to my first blog about Hurricane Harvey and the relief efforts to feed the hungry on the front lines in Houston. Jeff and Sheryl Weinstock of Cake & Bacon have been silent heroes in their quest to feed as many people as possible. I asked Jeff to give me a breakdown of what has happened since the hurricane hit and think it best he tell you what his team accomplished the past weekend serving over 10 thousand people. This is an incredible story and so happy to have been able to take a little… Continue Reading

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Heroes In Houston: Cake & Bacon Feeding The Front Lines

Heroes In Houston: Cake & Bacon Feeding The Front Lines

I have written a few posts in the past on the difference between social media influencers and celebrities in which there are many. But, today I want to address something different. This post addresses perhaps the most important aspect of being a social media influencer and that is using social media influence for the most important need of all: the good of humanity. I could discuss the super saturated social media world with everyone claiming to be a blogger or influencer now but instead I want to embrace the fact that we are all influencers in one way or another…. Continue Reading

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