Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could do With Makeup

Weird Things You Didn't Know You Could do With Makeup

And another great post from Laura about one of my favorite things to buy and wear: MAKEUP!! Some good tips here! Take note. Love the gold sparkle eye shadow if it is placed correctly.  Makeup is great. It can enhance our best features, and hide things we don’t feel so confident about. Not only that, one item can usually double up to do more than you thought possible! The truth is, you can do a few weird things with your makeup. Continue reading to find out what they are… Get Bigger Lips You don’t need to go and have Kylie… Continue Reading

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The Style Guide: Give Your Man A Makeover

The Style Guide: Give Your Man A Makeover

Here are some great tips from Laura for your guy! Remember….a man should be stylin’ too!!…. Take it away…… It’s an unfortunate truth that many guys simply don’t know how to dress well. It’s part of what makes them charming, but sometimes we’d like them to at least know how to make the effort. If you’re going to a formal event, you can feel a little uneasy if your partner isn’t quite dressed for the occasion. I’m here to help you give him a little advice and turn him into a style icon you can be proud of. Where do… Continue Reading

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Fashions Finest: Win $600 Full Online Tuition From Teen Vogue/Parsons

Fashions Finest: Win $600 Tuition From Teen Vogue/Parsons School

You know I only work with the BEST brands and bring you amazing giveaways, right? Well, this giveaway may just be the most amazing one yet. It is certainly the most stylish and fierce. I am so excited to share this opportunity for anyone and everyone who loves fashion (you know I do). Fresh off the presses and drum roll please: Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design at The New School announced today a new online fashion education program designed to help millennials launch or transition into a career in fashion. Titled ‘Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials,’ the program’s… Continue Reading

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Summer Beauty Products, Accessories & More To Make You Sizzle

Summer products that sizzle

It is so hot in Arizona that I think I may be melting. But, I need a tan. There are a few problems with that statement. One you melt when you lay out in the Arizona sun and two, the risk of skin cancer. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never had an issue but as soon as I returned to Arizona I went for a yearly check up and had a few questionable beauty spots on my skin. So, I have been super cautious and always apply sunscreen. I was given a few lotions from Safe Harbor to… Continue Reading

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Summer Festival Fashion and Safety Guide

Summer Festival Fashion and Safety Guide

Please enjoy this guest post from Rachel Elliott about some of my favorite topics….summer, festivals, fashion and more! Take it away Rachel…..drum roll and guitar riffs please…..   Summer is just around the corner and with it comes summer music festivals. Coachella, one of the first major festivals of the year, has just ended, and while it tends to set the scene for the year’s festival fashions, you don’t have to feel like you missed out if you couldn’t attend. There are tons and tons of other big and small music festivals all summer long, so get yourself in the… Continue Reading

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Tis’ the Season To Shop! Snarky Holiday Gift Guide 2014 PART I

Tis th Season to shop: Snarky Holiday Gift guide 2014

In the spirit of the shopping madness that has become more important to some people than turkey stuffing or football, without further adieu let me present you with my snarky shopping guide. Currently, I am in the process of moving, remodeling my new place, running this blog, and I think I feel a sniffle but I always have time to stay snarky and present you with the coolest products and events that come across my laptop. Plus, I love to shop and am a total product nut so it is not too difficult to do. This year is a bit… Continue Reading

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