Put That Phone Down!!!

Nothing like deleting 7,500 of 44,572 photos for 2 hours from my phone to realize: 1. How many selfies it takes to get a sharable melfie. What a waste of time. 2. How many dumb asses I have dated. All of them…. but it’s a learning experience, right? 3. How many “emotional vampires” I have known, dumped and how many I still need to get rid of (Thanks Steph for the perfect term). Cleaning house feels so good. 4. How bad shopping is online and that nothing ever looks the same once you order and try it on at home…. Continue Reading

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Happy Mother’s Day full of KISSEZZ

Happy Mothers Day

  Happy and healthy Mother’s Day to the number one mom in the entire world – mine! Since, I can’t be in San Francisco to celebrate the most wonderful mother in the world for Mother’s Day I will start sharing right now! Though, I do not need wait for Mother’s Day to celebrate my mother since I try my best to celebrate her every single day because she is THAT special. Love you more than words and want to wish you a very happy and healthy Mother’s Day!!! Thank you does not say it enough for being my best friend,… Continue Reading

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Happy Father’s Day 2016: GO DUBS #StrengthinNumbers

Happy Father’s Day 2016

Wishing my daddy a very happy and healthy Father’s Day with a BIG win from the Warriors tonight! Thank you for all of my Golden State gear and I will be wearing my shirt and waving my flag while watching the game tonight! Take a pic at the game please! #strengthinnumbers #dubs Also, thank you for putting up with me and being the best daddy ever. This is a classic picture of my dad! HA! Do you wonder where I get my snarky from?   This one is from the Shorty awards last year! And this is a gem! Hi-five… Continue Reading

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