Life Happens

Happy Monday! Just wanted to send a little note here that I did not forget about you but life happens and Teddy Brewski and I have been very busy! He is enjoying his new found fame on social media and his social media posts are exhausting on his paws so I have been helping him type. Make sure you are following him on IG and Twitter @sirteddybrewski. Me: Gone Golfing! Make it a fantastic Monday and a week full of puppy kisses! Stay tuned and snark on.     **Stay snarky my friends!**

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My Top Dog Teddy Brewski Digs TopDogDinners

My Top Dog Teddy Brewski Digs TopDogDinners

You all know Teddy Brewski is my child, I mean dog (same thing) so I am super picky about everything I feed him. I watch what I eat so shouldn’t I be concerned with what my fluffy, four-legged best friend puts in his belly? He is already Internet famous so I need to keep up his athletic figure to ensure he is happy, healthy and enjoying every second of his fame and living up to Teddy Bruschi football player status. Plus, recently I discovered that small dog breeds are prone to lipid deposits on the eyes, which means they can… Continue Reading

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Wellness® Pet Food: The only food for Teddy Brewski

You know that Teddy Brewski is my number one fan and the second most important male in my life (besides my father). So, when I saw the opportunity to post about Wellness® Pet Food and the importance of healthy nutrition for my best friend – I needed to chime in. When he was just a baby puppy I was totally overwhelmed with the choices of dog food. After trying several all natural foods (and surviving the stench that followed) I finally found Wellness® Pet Food. Well, Wellness dog food is good for Teddy Brewski, his tummy and for my nose…. Continue Reading

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