Beverly Hills Ain’t So 9021-OHHH!

Beverly Hills Ain't So 9021-oh

I am in Beverly Hills right now doing one of the most dreaded task a person has to do…..pack a house and move! So, while I am traveling my mom and I thought it would be fun to treat ourselves to a suite at the SLS Hotel. WRONG! This has been anything but relaxing and I would have been better off sleeping on the hardwood floor of my house with no bedding, no electricity, and curled up next to piles of cardboard boxes (which roaches love to breed in- BTW). This hotel charges a lot of money for us to… Continue Reading

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Create A Relaxing Room For All Seasons

Do I have a story for you? As you know, I am traveling in Los Angeles this week so I need a few more days to put my snarky touch on the post. You are going to love it. But, not to fear! Laura is here to save the day with while I gather more ridiculous information for my post. Take it away Laura. It’s really nice to see those room makeovers that have a particular theme. They can be stylish and inspiring. You can get carried away with a theme and for a while the novelty is all you need…. Continue Reading

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Fashions Finest: Win $600 Full Online Tuition From Teen Vogue/Parsons

Fashions Finest: Win $600 Tuition From Teen Vogue/Parsons School

You know I only work with the BEST brands and bring you amazing giveaways, right? Well, this giveaway may just be the most amazing one yet. It is certainly the most stylish and fierce. I am so excited to share this opportunity for anyone and everyone who loves fashion (you know I do). Fresh off the presses and drum roll please: Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design at The New School announced today a new online fashion education program designed to help millennials launch or transition into a career in fashion. Titled ‘Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials,’ the program’s… Continue Reading

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