Summer Festival Fashion and Safety Guide

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Summer Festival Fashion and Safety Guide

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes summer music festivals. Coachella, one of the first major festivals of the year, has just ended, and while it tends to set the scene for the year’s festival fashions, you don’t have to feel like you missed out if you couldn’t attend. There are tons and tons of other big and small music festivals all summer long, so get yourself in the spirit of summer music by putting together your festival looks.

Chic Comfort

The key to music festival looks is in finding the balance between comfortable and cute. Music festivals mean long hours outside in the sun, especially if you will be attending a multi-day festival and will be camping at the event. Try some of these looks to help you stay comfortable:

  • Bring a coat or jacket that is good for fall weather. Think leather jacket or a Baja hoodie. You’ll want something that will be warm enough for cool desert nights, but isn’t too heavy to carry around during the day time. Depending on the venue, you may want to bring something old and beat-up that you won’t mind getting dirty!
  • Layer loose-fitting tops over bikini tops so you can easily shed a layer when it gets too hot.
  • Go with cute but comfortable shoes. Think Converses, combat boots, sandals, and flats. But be prepared for the weather! Some venues are more likely to get muddy or cold, so pick footwear that’s going to stay dry and be easy to wear while dancing and walking around.
  • Bring a comfortable backpack or a bag with an across-the-chest strap. If you are camping, there will probably be bringing along some things you don’t want to leave behind at your campsite, so you will want to have a way to bring those things around with you.
  • For warmer weather, go with cut-off shorts. For cooler weather, go with your basic jeans or a long skirt paired with a cute crop top and jacket or sweater.

Dress the Part

Music festivals are a good opportunity to go all out with your look. If you love electronic music but work in an office environment and need to keep it professional during the week, festivals can provide a much-needed chance for self-expression.

  • Lots of alt- and pop-rock festivals are big on the hippie chic look, so think Woodstock when you plan an outfit with flowing hippie skirts, flowery tops, and braided leather headbands.
  • Lots of festivals coincide with Memorial Day or 4th of July, so plan a patriotic festival outfit with American Flag clothing. Make it an alt-rock hippie look or an all-out country look, depending on the venue!
  • For the electronic show, commit to a raver look complete with cotton candy color wigs and furry leg warmers. Or go for a tamer look that will be comfortable for the whole duration of the festival, go with some neon high tops and a patterned tee. When looking at patterned clothes and accessories, think psychedelic kindergarten! Like fake candy jewelry or a rainbow and unicorn top.

Don’t Forget the Basics

When planning for a festival, especially a longer one where you will be camping for a few days, don’t forget to bring the essentials. Plan ahead to be sure that the equipment and supplies you’ve picked out are right for the venue.

  • Choose a tent. Be sure to know the weather predictions for the week of the festival and choose a tent that will be up for the challenge. For a desert show, you will want a tent that can provide you with some shade during the daytime, but will also keep you good and warm at night. You probably won’t want a very large tent as camping space tends to be cramped at shows, but you will probably want something durable, especially if you plan to reuse it for future festivals.
  • Pick out a sleeping bag. You may want to go with something lightweight and basic as it probably won’t stay too new-looking over the course of the week! But if you do feel like getting something a little more than basic, there are lots of unique sleeping bags including novelty ones shaped like slices of pizza or Kama Sutra sleeping bags that zip up together. But first and foremost, make sure you have a sleeping bag that will keep you as warm or cool as needed for the climate.
  • Sanitary items. You may want to bring hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, and even toilet paper. Baby wipes are highly recommended when showers are not an option. And while the venue should have plenty of trash cans, you may want to bring some plastic trash bags to collect your trash so you won’t end up leaving lots around your campsite when you leave.
  • Lots and lots of water! Don’t rely on the venue to ensure you will have enough. Dehydration is a serious risk, especially if you will be in the desert. Your best bet is to bring along a few gallons of water. Get what you think you will need for the course of the week and then bring double that amount. Most festivals have stations where you can fill up your own water, so you should also bring a few reusable water bottles. You can even get them in patterns and colors to go with your looks!

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