Spoof on Hot Guy Marketing Trend- Meet Josh Button

Before you embark on your long Memorial Day weekend festivities, I wanted to leave you with a big smile on your face and I know exactly how to do that!

This may be my favorite request so far and I could not turn down this opportunity. I am single (still)! Here you go…..

Introducing, Josh Button – model, spicy food addict, dog lover, and a HOT GUY.

Oh -  I do Josh!

Oh – I do Josh!

I’m sure you’ve noticed all of the companies using hot guys to market to women, even when their products don’t seem to require a hot guy.  DIET Dr Pepper’s new spot, “Josh Button,” has decided to spoof the hot guy trend with an even hotter guy.  Check out his snarky spoof here:

A little about our “hot guy” – Josh Button, 31, is a top male model and actor hailing from Hollywood, FL. Josh began modeling 10 years ago and has done campaigns for many high profile brands and magazines like Hugo Boss, Sean John, D Squared, Nautica, Armani & A/X amongst others. An advocate for multiple canine charities, you can often find the Miami resident hanging out with his beloved dog, Raeya, a Dogo Argentino. Josh is a hot pepper and spicy food addict, and has a passion for photography and visual art. His newest obsession is surfing, and if dreams could come true, would love to coach the Miami Dolphins.

And on top of all of this yummy goodness I was given the opportunity to ask Josh whatever my little heart desired. Here is the interview (he definitely redeemed himself especially with the answer to #8). Josh Button was telling the truth and that is so unusual for LALA land and the modeling industry. Hopefully, we can have that drink together soon. Enjoy –I did!

1. So I have a rule, never date a model because he is more interested in looking at himself than me. Do you agree with that? And why? Or redeem male models here.

Haha, you will never convince me to speak on behalf of the world full of male models. But, I have a small handful of guys I’ll vouch for 100% and they leave their compacts in their ladies’ purses! So for a few of us at least- I disagree:).  Most of us fell into this business, we didn’t chase it.

2. Do you think you are as cute as a button and is this where your name comes from?

Button is my real last name.   I’ve heard that “cute as a button” thing most of my life, but generally that was because the phrase was getting used to describe my two younger sisters. 🙂

3. Do you only date really, really, really, hot girls?

Well, if I said no to that I bet I’d get a phone call or two that I’d like to miss out on.  So YES, of course!

4. What makes you as hot as a pepper? Did you write you bio?

Not sure where that came from actually – I didn’t write it, but, considering how much I love peppers and spicy food, perhaps that came directly from some scorched lips I had locked up with! I may have left a pepper burn or two from second hand mouth fire.   Seriously, I just ate the scorpion pepper a few days ago & I take down raw habaneros all the time.

5. Were you ever not really, really, really hot? Like chubby, single and looking for a pringle?

I can easily answer this one – YES. I was a late bloomer to say the least. I think I finally started getting a little better response from the girls around my Junior year in high school, before that I was “friend” material 🙂

6. What is a “guydline” for your life? “What happens when you combine a tablespoon of snark, a dash of cynicism and heaps of truth?  You get a delicious little nugget of credence called the “Guydline”. Guydlines are theories rooted deeply in life’s greatest successes and failures.  They’re words to live by, wisdom to share, and if you can find a cool font or latin translation– perhaps something to permanently tattoo on your body.”

My Guydline — it is in Latin, Res Tendo. It’s two separate words I love and constant reminders for myself meaning BEING PRESENT.   To me it’s everything.  Learn from the past – don’t dwell in it. Look forward to the future, but not at the expense of RIGHT NOW.  Every minute is a blessing, so I try and enjoy them all.

7. What is the most risqué thing you have had to do to get a gig? Be honest!

Luckily I’m not a shy guy, tends to help me out I’m sure. But I’m sure a lot of people would cringe at the idea of changing in Times Square or walking long runways in a tiny Mankini in front of hundreds of people. Or how about shooting a sexy story with a supermodel wearing basically nothing in a crowded studio?  Risqué I’m not so sure, but nerve racking I’ve been through on multiple occasions.

8. Did you go to Coachella and did you catch Free Bush on Friday afternoon? Or are you more into Cat Pheromone?

We skipped this because it didn’t make sense to us. *** Josh Button earned extra points with us at MG for this answer! Trick question –it is our job to be snarky, right? Didn’t you see the Jimmy Kimmel skit? Good job Josh!

9.  Have you ever been on a reunion tour with an ex?

A reunion tour huh?   Perhaps- but it was probably short lived.  If the word ex was involved there was probably a good reason.

10. Would you share your diet Dr. Pepper with me? On the beach?

Melany I have one in the fridge waiting for us! Thanks for The chat:)

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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