Sometimes Don’t You Wonder “Why?” PART II

Dont you ever wonder why?


I need to do another installment of the “Why” posts because I am ADD and OCD like that and I left out some good questions. My mother always told me that asking “Why” is a sign of intelligence or annoyance depending on how old the person is. So, here we go…

Why do people insist on slamming doors? Is it that hard to slowly close a door as a courtesy to others when you are living or residing in a place where others are within a football field radius? Just slowly place the door closed. I heard they work that way too.

Oh and doors? Why can’t you hold it open for the person behind you? Are they too heavy?

Why when my eyes open in the morning is it physically impossible for them to shut again and contribute to the cause of sleep? That is a great cause. It is like when they open and immediately a shot of adrenaline is pumped into my body without my knowledge forcing me online. Addiction?

Why do people insist on yelling at the top of their lungs following the blast of their own alarm? Just because they have to be up that early does not mean everyone else does and I did not select their voice as the notifying sound on my preferred method of waking. Did you?

Why is it so easy to stay heavy but very hard to stay fit?

People who talk in circles, please stop. We can’t change the entire world so stop beating a dead horse and move on. For example, we live in a world where there is a lot of entitlement and people communicate via technology. Accept, embrace and move on.

Why loud talker? Why? 

Why do telemarketers even exist? Is it just to order pizza?

Why do people lack manners? At least make an attempt to cover your mouth when you are sneezing, coughing, throwing up or doing other lovely bodily functions in public. Just try.

Why? When addressing someone via email please get the name right and for the love of all things professional check the spelling of said persons name especially if that person has a blog named after them.

Why close proximity talkers? This is my space and this is your space. Dirty Dancing?

Why do people Tinder and press a heart on a profile and match someone without any follow up? They should just call Tinder, “Memory” like that game we used to play when people actually played card games. Cherries match cherries, bananas match bananas, idiots match idiots, it’s a match and you win NOTHING because nothing ever happens on dating sites when you get a match. See, just like the “nothing” you would (not) win when playing “Memory” back in the day. Tinder is not a fond “Memory”.

Why post a picture on your profile and expect the person not to run the other way when you don’t resemble the person in the photo?

Why do people ask single people why they are still single? Why is the earth round?

Why do people get wasted and convince themselves whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas when there are phones, Instagram, twitter, and social media? Trust me, it does not.

Instagram is not a modeling agency database. Just stop with all the duck face and overly, poorly applied makeup quasi glamour shots. No. You are not Gisele. Why do you make that face? Your face – stop!

Why do people insist on trying to be funnier than me? In this day and age, do my friends really think I just play on Facebook and Twitter? Social Media – you know, that site you are always on leaving dumb ass comments to a question regarding social media. It was just like when people told me that the music business was not a real business. Want to tell that to Kanye and his millions?

Why spam Linked In? That is not professional?

Stop asking me “Why” when I explained the same thing to you 25 times and you are never going to change the way you think about the question you asked me 25 times ago?

Why ask me a question and cut me off during my answer? Did you actually want an answer or just asked so that you could give me yours? 

Why do people expect the world from others but they give very little? That is a weird one in life, dating and any relationship – especially business?

Why do certain fruits mold after one day of picking them up at the market? Who decided what to write on the sticker that stated the fruit is good until a certain date? May I have a word with them?

How do telemarketers have my cell phone number? ( I know that is not a why but a how – but Why?)

Why can my 17lb dog push me around the bed and steal my pillow? Does he have super human strength I am not aware of while sleeping?

Why can’t I buy an extra seat on an airplane for my dog if you can for your child?

Where the hell do all my socks go after I put them in the washing machine?

Why do people ask what they can do to support you but never intend on actually following through with the answer?

Why would I ever need to ask a salesperson “Is this a dress or a shirt?” It’s too short.

Why do people believe when you delete photos that they actually delete? Snapchat?

I can go on and on…..

Care to add…

But btw…since I am at it.

Let me leave you with two funny new sayings that make you go huh?

I didn’t mean to put sand in your Vaseline.

It doesn’t take long to eat shit!




**Stay snarky my friends!**

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4 Responses to Sometimes Don’t You Wonder “Why?” PART II

  1. Miguel Nolasco October 9, 2014 at 7:31 pm #

    Hi Melany .
    I love the way …you ask “,why”…that’s so cute…

    • Melany October 10, 2014 at 5:54 am #

      WHY? LoL

  2. Julie October 14, 2014 at 7:51 pm #

    Why do people go on vacation and then need one? I’m exhausted after mine.

    • Melany October 14, 2014 at 9:23 pm #

      That is a good one to add! Get some rest – I have plenty of reading material for you!

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