Social Media Galore: Jump In With Me For #MediaChat on Twitter

Today is a great day (well, besides the dating life part – lol) because I’m honored to be the guest on Aaron Kilby’s #MediaChat. I met Aaron via twitter and his invitation is truly a testament to the overwhelming support of my social media network no matter what zip code I reside. Twitter followers are the best and more supportive than most of my RL friends. I am happy to call Aaron a RL and Twitter friend now.

Remember that post I did about getting social for the Cox Communication #CoxGigLife event at the Diamondbacks game? This was the first time Aaron and I met in person and he explained the beginning of #mediachat which has grown immensely and is a favorite amongst a variety of people who are social media professionals and fans. He recently did an interview on (which is what I will be using in conjunction with twitter to organize and ensure I see all relevant #mediachat tweets tomorrow). 

When asked about the chat he explained….

“#MediaChat is open to anyone who wants to learn more about social and online media, new apps and anything media related or who has advice or questions on these topics. Our guests have ranged from large brands (McDonald’s Corp, IBM), to apps and tools (oneQube, Nestivity,, Hashtracking) and great thought leaders (Pam Moore, Jessica Northey, Jason Falls, Ted Rubin) just to name a few. #MediaChat is held every Thursday evening at 10pm ET/7pm PT and last for 1 hour” Read more from that interview…..

I am in amazing company and can’t wait to get tweeting tomorrow. Are you going to join us? I know it may sound a little intimidating but that is what I want to talk about. I once had a boss while working in the music business that told me “the internet is infinite” and he was right. There is room for everyone but how to stand out and be recognized can be a lot harder than most think. Be true to yourself….always.

So, my topic for tomorrow is……. (drum and head bang please)….

Join me for #mediachat and how to stand out amoungst the crowd with a blog and social media channels


“How to stand out amongst the crowd with a blog & social media channels”

I could talk about this forever and will if you want to tweet forever. So, what I suggest you do is get a twitter handle, logon and join in the fun with us Thursday Sept. 3, 2014 @ 7PT. Plus, I am a first time guest so we can work out the kinks together but remember to always bring your snark.

I leave you with this Guydline and mark my words- SOCIAL MEDIA APPLIES TO EVERYONE AND EVERY BUSINESS (If you don’t agree then you could be hanging out with another one of my former music bosses who thought Itunes was a flash in the pan and that downloading music would never last).

ROCK ON and lets go!

BTW – Thank you to the 16,000 snarky followers that follow me already – you rock!

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**Stay snarky my friends!**

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