Serving Gratitude And Attitude With A Side Of Snark For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving People!

Serving gratitude and attitude and a side of snark for Thanksgiving 2017!

I don’t know how it is already the holidays but it is and there is very little time for me to sit down and write snarky posts. I miss being able to sit down and just letting the snark flow through my fingers tips. But, I keep telling myself I see a clearing at the end of this tunnel of non-stop obligations, appointments and never ending to-do lists! I hope.

So, today I thought I would throw it back to one of my first Thankful lists that is still totally accurate today in 2017.

And it goes a little something like this….

I am most THANKFUL for:

-Being raised by the 2 most amazing people who have been supportive through all my 9 lives and taught me never to be scared of my own shadow.

-Being blessed to have had a sister that I shared everything with and knowing that she is watching over me every day.

-Having the strength to kick ass literally and figuratively.

-Puppies. All of them, especially Teddy Brewski.

-Not having any bad dates this week…..or any at all?

-Having a good day.

-Cake. And Bacon?

-Not being hungover.


I know there is way more to add to this list but thought that was a good start.

Pretty accurate.

Have a wonderful Turkey day and remember to be good to one another!

Serving Gratitude And Attitude With A Side Of Snark For Thanksgiving

**Stay snarky my friends!**


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