Rosé All Day For My Birthday

Rosé All Day For My Birthday


Well, here we are. June 12, 2018 and another year in the books! I usually say it is my 30 ‘ish ‘ish Birthday but this year it is the 30’st as in the most a.k.a. best 30-something Birthday ever! It has been a wild year full of way too much stress and weird experiences. Like I always say “ I am flytrap for stupid people” and this year was no exception. Let’s hope I am losing some of that stickiness this year. Please! There is only so much snark one person can share.

Seriously! THIS year I need to recite and practice my mantra! It is one thing to say this and it is another thing to actually do what you say.

So, for my Birthday this year:

– I am not doing anything I don’t actually want to do.
– I am not feeling obligated to anyone.
– I am only doing what makes me happy.

Sound like a plan? Seriously?! I must! I must!

I do have a few little wishes though. I would like to eat cake (a lot) and not gain a pound. I also would like to drink whatever I want and not feel snug in my shorts afterwards.

Who do I have to speak with to make that happen?

Plus, I was born on my parent’s anniversary and they are the most supportive and loving people I know! So, help me wish them the happiest and healthiest of anniversaries! I have the best parents ever. I mean, they put up with me!

Cheers to all of you and thank you for following me on this crazy road called life!

And for those who don’t support, I’m a Gemini and neither of us like you! 



And pass me that Rosé!

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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