Relationships, matchmakers, babies and aliens?

I just can’t get on top of my work but am so excited to be presented with a lot of snarky opportunities that I will be able to share like my upcoming interview with a top Matchmaker for VIP and celebrity clients. Her name is Sherri Murphy and her Elite agency matched up the infamous Latoya Jackson on the OWN network (heard of Oprah before?).  I am a little leery of matchmakers. You remember my experience with a matchmaker and how I was set up with a guy who played for the other team? Hope Sherri does a better job than that (should not be too hard). I was offered the opportunity to interview and ask her anything my little heart desires. Trust me – I have a lot to ask.

-Why do guys ask for your number on online dating sites and not call? Do they collect numbers in a jar?

-Do you think Matchmaking has a place in today’s society or should be reserved for Broadways rendition of “Fiddler on the Roof”?

-How do you think the Millionaire Matchmaker represents your profession?

-Are you born with the matchmaking ability or is it just purely luck?

-Are there people that are “unmatchable” and if they are how do you tell them? You are lame and no one will like you!

MG fans: Do you have anything you want me to ask this matchmaker? Let me know and I will! Stay tuned…maybe I’ll get an interview and a date out of the experience (never hurts to ask). You know I could use a date!

Matchmaker make me a match!

Make me a match!

In addition, to this opportunity I am learning to wade through everything – the good and the bad. Staying true to my word – I will not cover topics I don’t believe in or believe is beneficial to my readers.

Here is an opportunity. This was a REAL synopsis for one of the books sent to me…..

“Techno/sci-fi computer hacking farce based on a hilarious lunatic quest to build and market the world’s first virtual reality sex app using supposedly alien technology stolen from a drunken Scottish midget.”

Oh My GOD! I passed on this-obviously. But, I do have to admit that it gave me a laugh re-posting it here.

PR tips:

1. NO – just no!

2. Do I really need a 2?

3. Do not write a press release with a run on sentence about sex and drunken midgets unless you want to be placed into a weird adult film category.

4. Less is more in this case. WAY LESS!

5. When wanting me to cover something for you; you call me, I don’t call you.

6. You do not have to represent every client – be picky. That is obvious here right – I guess not?
Consider your source. What about melanysguydlines implies my interest in sex applications with aliens and midgets?

For every weird (this is the weirdest) request or press release there are 3 that are great. I have a lot of upcoming interviews and books to cover. Some of them are about dating and relationships and some aren’t.  Every time I get contacted about one of these stories I have to look inward and see if they are applicable to my life and experiences?

With all of the relationship and baby books, I can’t help but feel like time is just going by faster and faster than before. I still feel like I am 21 but the little lines on my forehead are laughing at me.

feeling old

Yes, this makes me feel old

My genes are good and I do not look worked like most people my age. I don’t know how that is possible because I worship the sun, bake in human size toaster ovens, like Marlboros, Grey Goose and am a proud alumnus from the University of Arizona. If you know anything about party colleges, you don’t know anything until you went to UofA. Trust me. Needless to say I have many degrees in partying. I do not have a degree in children or marriage and don’t know if I ever will. Not sure what is in the cards for me yet – but you will be the first to know.

As my next birthday approaches, I have to wonder what is in store for me for the near future? Are some of the leads I pass on today a sign of what is to come in the future?

Melanys Guydlines #45 If the signs of the future for me are interviewing matchmakers and baby books then I think I am going in the right direction but if the signs are midgets, sex and aliens I may need to rethink lying out so long in the sun and melting my brain.

Tanning beds

I love leather!

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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