#BayAreaUnite: Sports Teams Raise Money For NorCal Fire Relief and Resources

I am a Bay Area girl through and through and feeling helpless living in Arizona watching the devastation of these wildfires in Northern California. Friends and family have lost homes and/or have been displaced. The camp where I spent my childhood has burned to the ground. They need our help now! I am so proud of my Bay Area sports teams rallying to provide assistance. ***BAY AREA TEAMS UNITE TO DONATE $450,000 TO SUPPORT NORTH BAY AND CALIFORNIA FIRE RELIEF EFFORTS*** All of my favorite Bay Area sports teams are raising money to support those affected by the devastating fires…. Continue Reading

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It Must Be Love: 4 Relationship Material Qualities In Men

  Dating is hard but here are a few guydlines for you from Laura! Take it away…. Dating in the 21st century is a minefield. From Bumble to Tinder, it’s hard to meet new people without vetting their online dating profile first. In fact, it’s difficult to meet new people in general because no one talks face to face anymore! So, finding out about a potential love interest’s personal qualities isn’t easy. Is he joking? Is he lying? Is he real?! Hopefully, he is legitimate in every sense of the word. But, to figure him out for real, you should… Continue Reading

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Yesterday, I was glued to the TV and Social Media waiting to hear from all of my friends in Vegas. It is my second home and devastated to see what happened to so many innocent young concert goers. Music is my life and could have easily been at that show. I have a place across the street at the MGM. My heart aches for all of the people and families involved. I have several friends with terrible stories of people who did not survive and it is heartbreaking. Love Las Vegas and pray for everyone involved. This picture was taken… Continue Reading

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Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Helping Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

This post is a follow up to my first blog about Hurricane Harvey and the relief efforts to feed the hungry on the front lines in Houston. Jeff and Sheryl Weinstock of Cake & Bacon have been silent heroes in their quest to feed as many people as possible. I asked Jeff to give me a breakdown of what has happened since the hurricane hit and think it best he tell you what his team accomplished the past weekend serving over 10 thousand people. This is an incredible story and so happy to have been able to take a little… Continue Reading

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Heroes In Houston: Cake & Bacon Feeding The Front Lines

Heroes In Houston: Cake & Bacon Feeding The Front Lines

I have written a few posts in the past on the difference between social media influencers and celebrities in which there are many. But, today I want to address something different. This post addresses perhaps the most important aspect of being a social media influencer and that is using social media influence for the most important need of all: the good of humanity. I could discuss the super saturated social media world with everyone claiming to be a blogger or influencer now but instead I want to embrace the fact that we are all influencers in one way or another…. Continue Reading

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Use Our Influence For Good: Calling Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Brands and Friends

Influence For Good: Calling Brands, Influencers, Bloggers and Friends

I have been trying to keep my blog and timelines clear the past week for people in the Houston area and all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Today, I am calling on all my fellow influencers, bloggers, social media people, brands and friends to help people in need right now. Use our influence for good. I have reached out to a few friends in Houston doing amazing work and am trying to put something together but want to make sure what I donate is what they need and actually reaches the people that need it the most! If anyone… Continue Reading

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I Swiped Right On Your Face Because

I totally swiped right on your face because you have/are: 1. A clear mugshot as your main profile photo. 2. Posing with the infamous hand on your hip pose to hide whatever you think you are hiding but are not and everyone knows it. 3. A selfie of you in the gym sans sleeves and wired headphones in your ears with a perfectly pressed shirt. 4. Failed to fill out the one and only question listed on the app. 5. A picture with a bunch of ladies surrounding you. 6. A picture with a bunch of guys so I have… Continue Reading

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Dating & Texting No No’s: Call Me If You Aren’t Amphibian or Reptilian

Dating & Texting No No's: Call Me If You Aren't Amphibian or Reptilian

Gentlemen. If you really want to get to know a girl better and perhaps go on a date, incessant texting lengthy interview-like questions is not going to cut it. Don’t have time for that. I type all day. I have around 100k of those types of relationships. Pick up a damn phone. I need to make sure you don’t sound like Kermit. Though, I hear that you need to kiss a lot of frogs. CALL ME if you aren’t amphibian or reptilian. We know I have had plenty of both in my life.  CALL ME if you aren’t amphibian or… Continue Reading

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Meeting The Birthday Deadline

I’m back! I have been celebrating my birthday for almost a month but did not forget about you! PROMISE! Thankfully, Laura has a great post today (and is appropriately themed) while I try and catch up! ENJOY! No matter how much you love the man in your life, or how well you know him, whenever their birthdays come around it feels like he’s suddenly become the most impossible person in the world to shop for. Maybe it’s because you don’t completely understand his hobbies, or you feel like you have to top the present you gave him last year, but… Continue Reading

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Family Matters: The Benefits Of Bringing Animals Into Your Home

Thanks to Laura for another great post.  Lots of people choose to keep pets at home with their families. However, there are many others who never even consider the idea. It’s the second group of people I’m trying to reach today. Like it or not, there are many different benefits of bringing animals into your home. That is especially the case if you have children with your partner. With all that in mind, I advise you to read the information on this page carefully. You never know! Your family might miss out if you never bring a pooch or kitten… Continue Reading

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What Women Really Want In Life And Love

Thanks to Laura for this great post! Take it away…. At a time where blogs and online publication are full of articles designed to advise women on how to behave in their relationships, it seems important to remind yourself of what you want. You live in a complex world that is in constant evolution. Consequently, it’s likely that the advice you find about living a happy life may already be outdated, or they may not be suited to who you are. As a woman, you are not the fragile and passive princess of the fairy tales who waits for her… Continue Reading

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