Don’t take a chance on dating reunion tours

not with my ex anymore

  After a quick look through the latest posts it is depressingly obvious that my dating life is non-existent due to the lack of material posted recently. I can’t remember the last time I was actually asked out. I get a lot of  “aren’t you worried that no one will ask you out because of your blog” and requests from guys from my past asking to meet for lunch but no follow up. I just don’t understand men today. Even if we are to become friends, shouldn’t you still follow up after the initial email? Are you all really scared… Continue Reading

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Oops I did it again…via text

Drunk dialing is never a good thing for dating or in any situation, no exceptions. I’m still waiting for some 15-year old computer super genius to create the “Breathalyzer app” that only allows me (and the rest of the 20 something population) the privilege of operating my iPhone only if I blow within the legal limit.  I am a firm believer that if I cannot legally drive a car, I should not be legally allowed to call or text anyone. While a late night drive-through or the DiGiorno in my freezer usually consumes my thoughts as my friends and I… Continue Reading

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Matt’s Guydlines : Dating Dos and Don’ts From Someone Who Shouldn’t Date

It’s Sunday night and I’m caught in a deep internet rabbit hole.  You know, the kind of night where you spend two hours recollecting the demise of Pauly Shore or scaring yourself into believing that Andrew W.K. is the antichrist.  This time, it’s a much darker and more shameful place — checking up on ex-girlfriends on various forms of social media. This one has a new dog.  This one has a new….HUSBAND!?  I’m happy to see everyone’s moved on here…(Seriously Matt, it was junior year of high school.  Did you think she was going to propose to you sometime soon?)… Continue Reading

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Dixon’s dating and dining desires

Once I’m in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman (or at least committed to spending time trying to get her in the sack), I love bringing food into the mix. I’m not talking about food entering the boudoir unless it’s room service after a 24-hour Vegas bender – I’m talking about dinner dates.

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Dixon Richard From a guy’s perspective for the “guy’d”lines. Our “guy’d” blogger

Meet Dixon Richard – Our “guy’d” blogger Dixon Richard is a 34-year old, single man, based in Chicago. He is originally from Brooklyn and has not lost his edge from moving to the Midwest. When not checking out the local music scene for up and coming acts, he enjoys spending time with his pup GG (Grey Goose abbreviated – good man). (more…) **Stay snarky my friends!**

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Hall of Shame-Dating Story #1

Hall of shame dating story #1

A little follow up to my last post about Valentines Day possibly being the worst dating holiday of the year (promise not to discuss this for another year). Of course, me being ME – I did receive a weird pre-Valentine message from some dumb guy that would not stop texting me from the moment I (accidently) gave him my number (months ago). (more…) **Stay snarky my friends!**

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Money Date in Vegas – Valentines Day

Here is a little piece I wrote for Now, these are what I call great Valentines Dates! HELLO – YOU! Are you ready to be my Valentine this year? Come on! I don’t always bite (only unless you ask). These dates will get you where you want to go. Trust me and take notes! I am accepting applications now. GO! (Hopefully it will not take me that long to get a GREAT date). (more…) **Stay snarky my friends!**

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Texting is ruining my dating life

So here we are, the first official work week in January. I don’t know where everyone was after the first, but I started working last week. It seems like an eternity since New Years Eve, which I am stoked to report was an absolute blast.  I lost 12 hours of my life but I have great pictures to prove that my best friend and I had an amazing time (and so did the other guys, Teddy, cat, horse and rabbit in the pictures). Don’t ask! I have not had a dating story in a long time. Partly, because I have… Continue Reading

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What are you for 2013?

Why does the song go “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me”? Are there more than 2 days of Christmas? I am confused.  Anyway, I know there are 8 days of Hanukkah. Maybe someone got that mixed up in the song.  And what did your other love give you? What other kind of love is there if it is not true?    Hmmmmm……Anyway – I am looking forward to my New Years Resolution! I have new office space for 2013! I am so excited that I can write and make you laugh all day long in… Continue Reading

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Cliffs Notes

My last post was a little long so I decided to write the Cliffs Notes version. These always contained the best part of anything I ever read in school. So here it is because I don’t want you to miss out on a laugh or two…. Puppies are the best wingmen. They are. You know that they will always look good and grab the attention of the opposite sex for the right reason (and not for dressing like Miss Piggy). You will always be proud of them walking by your side. There is never the feeling of embarrassment when you are… Continue Reading

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Relationships 101

Thank you guys for taking the time to post comments regarding my last post “Gentlemen know best”. It is great to hear from you and I welcome all your feedback. Consider this single girl blog a social experiment for the both of us. I write about whatever comes to my mind (good and bad) and you give me your honest feedback. (more…) **Stay snarky my friends!**

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