Protect Your Selfie With SanDisk iXpand

Protect Your Selfie With SanDisk iXpand

Have you ever wanted to add photos or videos on your Iphone, Ipad and desktop but you can’t because there is no room, it is too hard to do or just takes way too much time? Like when I travel and I want to bring my stilettos, wedges and blender necessary for my frothy protein shake but have completely exhausted all expandable room in my suitcase and have no more time to pack another bag? NO!!! It is the end of the world. But, I really need all of those things. Don’t ask me to choose between the Manolos and the Louis Vuittons! I hate to take things out of my suitcase because you never know when you will need them. Just like I hate deleting images off my iPhone!

I once had to buy a brand new phone (out of pocket because I was not due for an upgrade) because I could not update my phone! I needed to update my phone for the system but no matter how many apps and images I deleted off the device I couldn’t get enough room for the update. I couldn’t delete any of the “good” selfies because we all know how many pictures one must take to achieve an acceptable “selfie” for posting on social media. Plus, there is no way I could ever delete any pictures of Teddy Brewski off my Iphone or Ipad! Do you know how demanding his fans are? He has more followers on IG and twitter than my ex boyfriend. I digress.

What do I do to make sure that I have enough space for all necessary assets for demanding my social media lifestyle? I need to ensure I will never miss an update, delete an image or video or risk losing any assets from my daily travels. I use the SanDisk iXpand for Iphone and Ipad. It is the coolest device necessary for me to easily store and transfer all my images seamlessly from one device to another. The SanDisk iXpand is a super awesome, flash drive with no bulky cables or plugs.

Protect Your Selfie With SanDisk iXpand

My suitcase is already full and I have no more room for anything else (well maybe a little fluffy dog named Teddy Brewski). The iXpand is designed with this perfectly sized, rubber cable that is flexible and even fits into most Iphone cases. It is so easy to use even Teddy Brewski can do it. Check it out. I just plug the SanDisk iXpand flash drive into my Iphone or Ipad where it prompts me to download the 4.5 star rated iXpand Sync app on Itunes.

Protect Your Selfie With SanDisk iXpand


After downloading the app, the auto sync option easily allows me to sync my best or worst photos and auto deletes transferred content to keep my phone secure and memory free each time I connect the flash drive. Freeing up memory is essential for so many reasons. Keeping my best and worst pics plus allowing all my devices to run a max capacity without slowing them down.

Protect Your Selfie With SanDisk iXpand

This is epic and super necessary. I know am not alone in this struggle but this is the best gadget out there and you need it! Plus, right now SanDisk is giving $50 off with a unique code. Redeem it now and thank me later.

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How many pictures, songs and videos does the average person have on their devices? A LOT! So, with the iXpand I can be sure to back up all of my info and never have to sacrifice anything especially the image that could have earned me 15K on Instagram last week. Yes, (people are making that much off Instagram pictures so you all better follow me). You never know what picture you take and how that picture can be used for the future so isn’t it best to just keep them all just in case? YES! Every day is a good day for a photo shoot unless you are having a bad makeup day. Why do you think that I take all those pictures with crazy faces? They always come in use for something! LOL

Protect Your Selfie With SanDisk iXpand

Free the chains that bind you and grab a SanDisk iXpand and back up the good and (while you are at it) the bad! I keep the pictures of my ex so I can switch out his head with a donkey’s behind and no one ever notices the difference. HA! Just kidding – but not really. Not to worry – you never have to choose between those silly images again because you have the space for all of it with your very own SanDisk iXpand.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SanDisk. The opinions and text are all mine.

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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