My Guide to Planning Your Own Awesome Birthday Party

Ahhh Birthdays! They can be a wonderful day of celebration if planned right. Check out some suggestions from Laura for awesome ideas to plan your own Birthday Party! Don’t forget to eat a lot of cake. YUM!

No matter how old you are, having a birthday party can be so much fun. You get to have all of your nearest and dearest in one place, nice food, your favourite music, and lots of shared memories and laughs. Once you’ve hit 21, people probably aren’t going to offer to throw a party for you. This means for your 25, 30, 40, and 50th birthdays, you’re on your own! There’s no shame in planning your own birthday party. If anything, you can make sure it’s even more awesome than any party you’ve ever had! Here are some tips and ideas to make sure you have the best day:

Start Early

The earlier you start planning your birthday party, the better. If you want to feel really good about the day and know you’ve got everything covered, starting early is a must. Otherwise you could end up way too stressed. Plus, the earlier you invite people and let them know the details, the more chance you have of them coming. You don’t want half of your guests to be stuck at work and end up with a dead party!

Create Your Guest List Before Anything Else

Before you decide on anything else, create your guest list. This will help you gauge the size of other things you need, such as the venue, food, and so on. Make sure you invite guests who will add to the atmosphere of your party. If you have one acquaintance who always gets drunk and starts a fight, then you might want to warn them or leave them off the list. It’s in your best interests to make sure there’s no trouble at your party! You want to make sure everybody is having a great time.

Set a Budget

Set a budget for your body so you don’t end up going into debt over it. You can throw a decent party without much budget to spare these days, so it’s just a case of how much you want to spend. Don’t worry about spending ridiculous amounts on everything, as there are always ways around it.

My Guide to Planning Your Own Awesome Birthday Party

Consider the Kind of Vibe You Want

What kind of vibe do you want your party to have? Setting a theme can help with this. You could throw a vintage style Great Gatsby party. You could make the party a really cheesy old school disco. You could make it classy with your decor, venue, and catering. It all depends on what your vision is for the party and what you think your guests will like. Although this is your party, you want your guests to have a good time too!

Set a Dress Code

If you want to continue the theme of the party through the guests, set a dress code. You could have them dress up in vintage fancy dress, or simply tell them to wear their finest gear. You could even throw a fancy dress party. Whatever you do, make sure you make it clear what your guests should be wearing so that the vibe of the party is cemented.

Find an Amazing Outfit

As it’s your birthday party, you’re going to want to find an amazing outfit. All eyes will be on you for the majority of the night. You’ll be expected to speak to everybody and make an effort, so it only makes sense to take your time on your outfit. Whether you want to rent out a designer suit or have a custom made dress, do it! There aren’t many times in your life you get to dress up for your own party.

Arrive with Luxury Transport

If you really want to make an entrance to your party, consider arriving in luxury transport. View for details to see what you could fit into your budget. Hey, if you really want to get creative, you could arrive in a helicopter or something. It’s your day!

My Guide to Planning Your Own Awesome Birthday Party

Research Vendors to Help You Have the Best Day

Most parties have vendors to help them have the best day. You could choose a vendor to help you with food and catering, and even with entertainment. Do your research and read testimonials to find the best vendors for the job.

Ask for Help if You Need it

If you get stressed with all of the party planning, consider asking a family member or friend for some help. They should be happy to help you. If it’s a big job, then tell them they don’t have to buy you a birthday present. Sorted!

Make Sure it Suits Your Personality

Your party should suit your personality above anything else. If you’re really into pirates, then dress as a pirate. If you hate attention, then you should probably only invite your closest family and friends. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, but you need to have a great time too.

Suggest Money or Donation Rather than Gifts

If you’re spending a lot of money on your party, why not suggest cash rather than gifts? Some people might want to give you a gift as thanks for inviting them. You could ask politely or even in a humorous way on the invites. Also, requesting people to donate to a certain cause is a great idea.

DIY Decor

If you’re creative, try making your own decor. This will help you to put your own personal touch on things and your guests are bound to be impressed.

Have Input in the Playlist

The music playlist is pretty much going to make the night. Many people make a playlist by having fairly chilled songs at the start, then more dance style songs, before chilling out again. This is up to you; it depends how much you want to get people on the dance floor! Whether you’re making the playlist yourself or hiring a DJ, suggesting some songs you’d like and some songs you definitely don’t want is a good idea.
Use these tips and you’ll soon be enjoying yourself at your own awesome birthday party. Make sure you relax and go with the flow – it’s your day. Enjoy!

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