My Chic Little Secret: Vapor Couture ECig Exclusively for Women

Thank God it is Friday and it is the start of March Madness. The University of Arizona is set to take the court in a few hours and I am ready for my weekend. Did I earn it? Too bad I have so much work to catch up on following a few very tough weeks. Needless to say, I am a stress case now (and always – honestly) and try very hard to harness my stress in productive ways. You know, having a grey goose soda and shopping! It works for me. Don’t judge. We all have our dirty little secrets.

But, when I have one too many Grey Goose vodkas I need a little puff puff and cigarettes are so nasty. I remember working in the music business for a little band called Van Halen. You may have heard of them? Well, as you can imagine that job was stressful. I would hide my dirty little secret every day at 4:00PM in the parking lot. Relax – not talking about something illegal here but something that left my clothes and breath smelling less than attractive. But, now with my kickass job of blogging and social media I am made privy to some cool shit and I have just the thing for the ladies out there looking to release some tension in style, without smelling like a bar and scaring away potential suitors.

I am talking about Vapor Couture. Everyone is vap’ing. It is THE thing to do. Do you know what it is?

A few months ago I was introduced to vap’ing and electronic cigarettes being an alternative to smoking. I watched a friend who used to smoke upward of two packs a day kick the habit completely! It is awesome. So, I marched my ass down to this vapor bar in West LA and tried to find out about this latest trend. That was an interesting and intimidating experience to say the least:

1. People in the vapor bar looked like they were going to push you out of the way just to get a taste of the liquid used to fill up their e cigs.
2. You have to be a genius to figure out all the atomizers and filling the ecig is a bear. Forget it if you have a few drinks – impossible.
3. The ecigs at the place were so ugly! They looked like you were carrying a huge black baton more suited to hit someone over the head with than carry as an alternative to smoking.
4. There were no accessories – ie carrying cases to carry the ecig and as soon as I bought one it broke in my purse.


Well, I found the answer to my problems with Vapor Couture. It is the latest line to be launched by the flagship company VMR Products, and is the sister company to the popular V2 Cigs Brand. Plus, these are the only ecigs designed exclusively for women. No more walking around with a huge black baton that screams – “hello, I am a smoker and trying to quit and look cray with this thing in my hand”. Now, you can vap in style. Just check out all of the colors the Vapor Couture ecigs come in. They sent me this cool Maximale Kit and I will have to tell you that I am not sure what part I like best. So, you will just have to stay tuned and see my review. Let me tell you, it was super fun opening all the little goodies inside and of course you know how much I love my bling so…..
Vapor Couture

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