MelanysGuydlines iPhone6 Case & My Own Store On Zazzle

Teddy Brewski approves Zazzle custom iPhone6 cases

Teddy Brewski approves Zazzle custom iPhone6 cases

We have a winner of the Zazzle contest for the iPhone6 case! Congratulations to Karen who told me that she unselfishly and wonderfully is going to gift the case to a friend going through a hard time right now! I think that rocks. Enjoy and keep up that spirit. I wish I had more friends like you. Guess what she is going to put on her friend’s case? She is going to put a picture of her friend’s Pug. Pugs rock!

What would you put on your case? I love all of the suggestions on how to customize the iPhone6 case from the Zazzle contest comments section. If you don’t feel like customizing, they had super cute cases that I featured in my last post and I have to say a lot of you were digging the cassette tape and football.

funny vintage Iphone 6 case -looks like a mix tape

Cool case! Miss making mixtapes!


unique iphone 6 case from zazzle

Looks like a real football! Go 49ers


Yes, I read every single comment and try and reply to all of them! They were super cute and thanks for the creative comments. You guys keep me on my toes for sure. But, the majority of people definitely wanted to put a furry friend on their iPhone6 case. Good to hear that I am not the only dog lover out there! Now, where is my match?

I will surprise most of you with what I got on my iPhone6 Case from Zazzle. What do you think I put on my cool case? It was so easy to customize it. Nope, not Teddy Brewski, though he made it on some other items. But this gem!

custom iphone 6 case


MelanysGuydlines iphone 6case from Zazzle

Teddy approves this iPhone6 case from Zazzle!

This is my favorite art. So cute! (Now, waiting for the new phone to go in there).

While choosing that cool iPhone6 case and customizing on Zazzle, I decided to create my own shop because people always ask me if I sell all my merch? Well, not until now but because the Zazzle site is so easy, I decided to take a shot and create a few items and make my own store


MelanysGuydlines Zazzle Store

Me! Me! ME!

Melanysguydlines Zazzle store

My own store! Go on click it!


What do you think?
Any suggestions as to what I should create next? Go ahead! Be my first purchase! I dare you!

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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2 Responses to MelanysGuydlines iPhone6 Case & My Own Store On Zazzle

  1. John Galinas September 30, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    Great idea. One problem. There are no Tshirts for men.

    • Melany October 1, 2014 at 6:48 am #

      Good point! What should I put on it?

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