I’m Speaking At The University of Arizona: Social Media Influencer vs. Celebrity

I'm A Guest Lecturer At The University of Arizona Again: Social Media Influencer vs. Celebrity

YAY! I could not be happier to go back to school and guest lecture my favorite people in the world a.k.a. future University of Arizona #wildcatsforlife about social media!

I will be covering the differences between a social media influencer and a celebrity! This is a topic I have written a lot about as of late and am looking forward to returning and meeting the students again.

Here are my two favorite posts about the topic so far:

Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 1

Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

This is such an amazing opportunity for me to share what I know and learn from the students about social media. This business is ever changing and there is so much to learn.

Honored to be asked back again! #BearDown

“Welcome, Melany Wynn Berger for a special lecture on campus this fall! Melany has maintained an ongoing interest in ESOC: Information Science and Esociety undergraduate students at the University given their interests that tend to bridge disciplines like communication, marketing, and promotion. She’ll be spending time with a set of senior-level undergraduate learners in a classroom talking about her entrepreneurial work in brand marketing, and the importance of developing a network of relationships, earning trust from others, as well as maintaining a sense of community among followers and brands. Join us in welcoming Melany Berger, a very special Wildcat” on October 18, 2016!!

Read more about my guest lecture right here!



**Stay snarky my friends!**

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