How To Help Yourself Relax After A Busy Day

I am still in LA and definitely not relaxing! I need to take Laura’s tips here to heart and so do some of these for myself! Thanks for another awesome post! Take notes!

We all have hectic schedules and busy lives that can leave us feeling exhausted. After a long day at the office, it’s far too easy to spend the evening parked in front of the television. While you might think that this will help to relax you, a night in front of the TV won’t allow your mind to unwind in the right way.

How To Help Yourself Relax After A Busy Day


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To ensure that you can completely relax, try doing one of these things instead of sitting glued to the television.

Relax in a bubble bath

When you’ve had a tiring day, there’s no nicer way to relax than in a bubble bath. Pop some scented candles around the room – choose scents that help to soothe you, and fill the tub with warm water and your favorite bubble bath.

If you want to increase your level of relaxation, opt for a lavender bubble bath or scented candles. Studies have shown that the smell of lavender lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, putting you into a relaxed state.

Read a book

Instead of watching the television to unwind, read a book. If you share your home with other people, and your living room is too noisy to read in, create a relaxation space for yourself. This could be in the corner of your bedroom or a spare room; wherever you choose it doesn’t matter, just make it comfortable.

Pop a couple of reed diffusers around the room, with your favorite scent in. If music helps you to relax, add a CD player or docking port to the room. Finally, don’t forget to add somewhere that’s comfortable to sit. This could be an oversized floor cushion or a couple of Comfy Sacks bean bag chairs. Just make sure that you have a comfortable area to read and relax in.

Have a cup of calming tea

How To Help Yourself Relax After A Busy Day


The chances are that while you are at work, you have very little time to relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea. To mark the change from being in a work environment to being at home, brew yourself a calming cup of tea.

It’s amazing how relaxing with a cuppa can make a big difference to how stressed you feel. Whether you prefer breakfast tea or soothing chamomile, one of the first things you should do when you get home is pour yourself a cup of tea.

Practice yoga

How To Help Yourself Relax After A Busy Day

There are many health benefits to practicing yoga, including being able to relax more easily. Doing a couple of yoga poses after work can help to calm your mental activity and put your body into a more relaxed state.

There are various poses in yoga; each is for different things. To relax, you need to choose restorative poses. The child pose is a good one to do if you are feeling stressed out, as it will help to calm your mind and will make relaxing easier.

After a busy day at work, the answer is not to flop in front of the television. By choosing one of the above methods instead, you can ensure that your mind and body relax in the right way.

I am already a little more relaxed after reading these “guydlines” -Aren’t you? LOL! 

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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