Guydlines for Coachella… How avoid Looking Like a Stupid White Boy

Amongst a sea of Urban Outfitters and white kids dressed as Indians was the world’s largest music festival.  Hosting over 80,000 people and bands most of us have never heard of, we decided Coachella goers needed a few guydlines to help them survive the weekend.

Coachella Guydline #1: Go with an open mind, but please, beware of any guy who wants to show you his “wand”.


Coachella Guydline #2: Find sensible shoes, you might step on acid and wake up 5 days later in the middle of the desert wondering what the hell happened to you.


Coachella Guydline #3: Opt for a fanny pack instead.  Just trust me on this one.


Coachella Guydline #4: Find a killer Indian outfit, didn’t you know “Coachella” is native American for “stupid white boy”.


Coachella Guydline #5: But remember to wear a bra.


If you enjoyed 2 Door Cinema’s “Get the F*ck Out of my Pool” as much as we did then we’ll be sure to see you back at Coachella next year.  Next stop, Stagecoach, so don’t make an ass of yourself.

For more Coachella photos and some of our favorite outfits check us out!

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One Response to Guydlines for Coachella… How avoid Looking Like a Stupid White Boy

  1. miguel nolasco April 24, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    I have been to 2 WOODSTOCKS .The one in 1994 and 1999. suffering thur mud in the first one and a fire in the last one . ALL having the “TIME OF MY LIFE ” seeing other people having it worse than ME 10 fold. The MUD was KOOL in 1994 and the 99 degree heat with no shade was great to lose 20 pounds of wt. and still live to not see the very first COACHELLA FESTIVAL . i know who I saw at my gigs i went to who really cares about the BANDS I missed at 11 COACHELLA FESTIVALS . I only paid $50.00 to see 2 WS where $50.00 was the 1/2 half of an cheap overprice hotel room with 10 other sweaty guys with unlimited BEER . Hahahahah i would rather DRINK Jack DANIELS hot than a ICE COLD BEER any day . PEACE LOVE and NO BEER for ME

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