Grab Your (Love) Life by the Horns with Some Big Changes

Another great post from Laura with suggestions on what we all can do to make our love lives better. I was just talking about this with a friend. You must be happy with yourself before you can be happy in a relationship, right? Thanks Laura and happy weekend!

How can you be successful in your love life if you don’t have the rest of your life together? Some women might feel like their romantic relationship is the only good thing they have. However, if you’re not having much luck with romance, it could be because you need to focus on the rest of your life. So many women look for love to validate themselves. What they need is to work on making themselves happy first. Becoming a more successful and confident person can help you improve your dating chances. Try using this comprehensive guide to improving your life and your love prospects.

Make Your Life More Well-rounded

Working on your life as a whole should be part of your strategy for finding love. If you want to find the right person, you have to work at it. People might just happen along in movies, but in real life, you have to go looking for them. However, looking for love isn’t just about getting into the dating game. Working on yourself as a person is important too, and you shouldn’t make your whole life about dating. Living a well-rounded life will benefit you in a number of ways. You have other things to focus on so your life isn’t empty if your dating experiences aren’t going well. You’ll also be more attractive to potential dates, as an interesting person with a rich life. Not only that, but you’ll have more settings where you could meet a potential partner.

Grab Your (Love) Life by the Horns with Some Big Changes

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Meet People in Different Settings

Having a rich and fulfilling life is an excellent way to meet potential partners. You don’t have to sign up for dating websites or attend dating-specific events. Although you have to put yourself out there, it can be in a more neutral setting. Enriching your life can mean that you do all kinds of activities with other people. You might meet people at the gym or in a running group. Maybe you want to take up learning Spanish, and you’ll meet someone at a class. Even if you don’t find a romantic interest, making new friends will widen your social circle.

Be Happier, Regardless of Relationship Status

Making improvements to your life should be part of striving to be happy. Even if you feel your life isn’t fulfilled without a relationship, you can be content. Being with someone might improve your life. But that doesn’t mean that being single has to make you miserable. If you make strides to change things in all areas of your life, you have other things to focus on. You might continue to look for love and romance, but you’ll have more success if you’re happier while you do it. You’ll struggle to attract anyone if they can see you’re desperate to get into a relationship. So don’t pin your entire happiness on whether you’re currently with someone.

Feel More in Control

Reassessing your life can help you give you a better feeling of control. Many women feel that they’re at the mercy of the world. They think they don’t have much control over the direction of their life. But you can take control and decide where your life is going. You might subscribe to the philosophy that law of attraction teacher Bob Doyle uses. He believes that everyone can use their own desire and willpower to attract what they want. If you can make this work for other areas of your life, there’s no reason you can’t use it for dating too.

Learn to Love Yourself

It’s difficult to get someone else to love you completely if you don’t love yourself. Making some significant changes to your life can help you grow in confidence. A more confident person who is happy in their own skin will have more success finding love. If you want someone else to love you, you have to love yourself first. You should work on being positive about yourself, whether it’s your body or your personality. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts or talk badly about yourself. Work on what you want to improve. Learn to connect with people in healthy ways before you seek a romantic relationship.

Show You Have Your Life Together

What do you think of the idea of dating someone with no motivation? They don’t have any hobbies, and they have no plans for the future. Or what about someone who always seems to be involved in a new drama every week? We might want to judge people on their personalities alone. But sometimes we have to think about how they live their life. Anyone can be down on their luck, but it’s hard to look for a partner if you don’t have the rest of your life together. You won’t be seen as a risk if you can show that you’re in control of your life.

Reorganize Your Priorities

Making improvements to your life can help you work out what’s most important to you. You might discover that, while you want to find love, you want to put your career first. Or perhaps you’ll realize that even though you enjoy your life, you won’t be satisfied until you’ve found someone to share it with. Everyone has different priorities. We all will put dating in different positions among the other things in our lives.

Change Your Attitudes About Dating

Part of improving your life can be formulating different approaches to dating. You might feel at first that you have to follow lots of rules and unspoken etiquette. But a reassessment of your life and priorities might convince you to go with your gut more often. Perhaps you see dating as a necessary evil to lead to a solid relationship, but you could begin to enjoy it. Making changes in your life could mean that you start prioritizing dating differently. Or you might start approaching it in a different way.

Working on Your Appearance

Some of us might like dating to be about personality, but it will never be entirely about that. However, physical attraction isn’t all about whether you’re naturally (and conventionally) good looking. Potential partners want to see that you care enough to look after yourself. That doesn’t have to mean spending hours putting makeup on or wearing pretty dresses. Eating healthily and exercising regularly are both essential things to do if you want to live a fulfilling life. But you can always play with your overall look too. It could be by getting a new wardrobe or having your hair styled.

Looking Back at the Past

One of the best ways to improve your life is to learn from things that happened in the past. You can do this for all areas of your life, including dating. Many people want to ignore the bad things that have happened in the past. But it can be much more valuable to examine them and learn from them. Going over past experiences can be painful, however, it can also help you decide how to change things. Maybe you made a mistake, or something went wrong through no fault of your own. If you ignore what happened, it could happen all over again. Instead, you can turn it into a positive thing by doing things differently next time.

Learn What You’re Looking For

Creating a new life for yourself can help you work out what you’re looking for in a partner. Widening your social circle and doing new things can change your outlook on life and love. Perhaps you will realize that you’re not looking for anything long-term at the moment. Maybe you will decide that you want to date someone who shares your hobbies.

Grab Your (Love) Life by the Horns with Some Big Changes

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Work Out How You Prefer to Date

Another thing expanding your horizons can do is help you decide on your preferred method of dating. You can give yourself the space to try out different methods and find out how you prefer to look for a partner. Some people like doing it online, while others enjoy going to singles events. However, you might decide you prefer a more organic approach. Attending lots of different social activities can be a good way to look for love too. They don’t have to be geared toward singles for you to meet other people looking for a relationship. You might even decide that you prefer to have your friends set you up with people they think you might like.

Learn When to Turn Negatives into Positives

Learning to turn a negative into a positive can be an excellent tactic for both dating and life in general. However, you have to do it in the right way. For example, you might start fighting with someone you’re in a relationship with. The way to turn it into a positive shouldn’t be to think “well, at least, I’m not alone.” It should help you learn about resolving conflicts or your compatibility with that person. Sometimes a negative event is a cue for you to cut your losses and move on. But it can also be a chance to reflect on yourself and the decisions you make.

Giving your life an overhaul could do wonders for your love life. It could help you realize some things about yourself and what you want out of the dating game.

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  1. SocialMike February 22, 2016 at 3:54 pm #

    It would be better if you force yourself to smile or laugh. Allow a little positive energy by smiling at the person you love or by telling a joke to that person.

    • Melany February 26, 2016 at 12:26 pm #

      That is a good suggestion too!!! Thanks for the comment!

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