Go-To Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

I am definitely a person that keeps back-up options around my house just in case I need them. But, I am not sure I have back-up gift options. Maybe I should? Here are some suggestions from Laura about go-to gifts for any occasion! Who doesn’t love gifts??

Do you keep a pile of gifts stocked up for when certain occasions arise? I try to be organized, but I’ll be honest, it is not always that successful. I’d love to have a drawer full of presents and gifts that work for pretty much any occasion. Even if you don’t have a specific drawer for gifts, it’s always good to have an idea of what you can buy that just about everyone will love. Whether you need ideas of mens gifts for your upcoming anniversary, or a birthday present for your best girl friend, here are my ideas for go-to gifts that will cover all occasions and almost any person.


If you want to keep things in a drawer, ready for the right occasion, they have to be things that will last. Homeware items are a great idea for that. You might have some friends or family that are super picky. You’ll know the ones. For the other people that would welcome any gift, homewares are a great option, right? It could be a set of candles, a vase or some mugs. A funky kitchen gadget like a spiralizer or julienne peeler would work for the foodies in your life. Keep styles simple unless you know what the person’s decor in their home is like. You don’t want to get anything too wild or colourful if you don’t know what room it could go in.

Go-To Gift Ideas for Any Occasion



I doubt there will be many of us that can have a drawer full of diamond jewelery to give away to friends and family. You could stock up with some sterling silver, plated gold or costume jewelery, though. A site like is great if you are looking to stock pile items inexpensively. Then you know you’re sorted for girlfriends, mothers or sisters presents.

Beauty Products

Like with the homeware items, you need gifts that can be fine just to be in a drawer. Beauty products like fancy shampoos and conditioners are great for this. Luxurious bubble baths or bath bombs would be an awesome option too. These will work for pretty much anyone too. We all need to wash, right? You could also get makeup palettes, lip balms or makeup/toiletry bags to stock up on too.


Now don’t read that title and be put off. Cute stationery is all the rage at the moment. Despite being able to make notes on our phones, I know so many people that love to do it the old-school way and write it all down. Cute planners, to-do list notes and pens are all good options. I like the range at can work for men and women alike too.

Sweet Treats

Go-To Gift Ideas for Any Occasion


As long as they aren’t kept in your home for too long, having some sweet options is a great idea for gifts. Boxes of chocolates or truffles are a good choice, as well as boxes of popular candy. So if you won’t be tempted to nibble on them, they are a good thing to get in your house.

Do you stockpile gifts in your home? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.





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