Fashion Music Festivals Musts By ICJUK: Coachella, EDC and WMC

Fashion Music Festivals Musts By ICJUK: Coachella, EDC and WMC

Fashion Music Festivals Musts By ICJUK: Coachella, EDC and WMC

Music festivals are my favorite! I love all types of festivals from rock to electronic. I used to attend the World Music Conference in Miami every year, rock EDC in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Coachella of course. If you don’t know, Coachella is right around the corner. Preparing for a music festival means your fashion needs to be on point from head to toe. Please, don’t wear a romper with your ass hanging out. It is not cute on anyone and I don’t care how thin you are but cheeks dropping under shorts should never be a look. Promise me you won’t ever do that. But, what is mandatory for any music fest look is having accessories that rock the festival. What is cooler than having someone stop you and ask about your accessories at a music fest? Nothing! I love wearing something that no one else has and making a fashion statement.

Well, I have just the thing to turn heads in any crowd.

Drum roll please! Let me introduce you to the flashing light headdresses from ICJUK. You remember my dear friend and talented rock n’ roll designer Claire Jane from ICJUK who designs for many rockstars such as Joe Elliot of Def Leppard? Well, she has expanded her clothing and accessories line. Now, she has a ton of snarky clothing and accessories for everyone and anyone.

This headdress was so much fun that I had to try it on and give it a whirl while having a private tour of the ICJUK headquarters in Las Vegas.

ICJUK headdress

Lit up~

Her HQ is awesome and I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. We had a blast going through some of her latest designs. Just the ladies and my most fav rock n’ roll DJ from 92.3 KOMP was there to help us rock it out! It’s a Mel sandwich! Rock on. I digress.

ICJUK headquarters

ICJUK headquarters

These headdresses are handmade with inlays of LED lights.

Bling bling and light it up! Who doesn’t love to get lit up? Check it out!

Here is a link to her ICJUK site where you can find headdresses like this one or if you want you can have Claire design your very own crown fit for a king or queen of any festival! She also designs killer handbags and gorgeous hair fascinators if that is more your speed.

And, check this out! This one of a kind, hand made Guns N’ Roses handbag! ME PLEASE!

This one of a kind, ICJUK, hand made Guns N’ Roses handbag

Rock on!

While you are checking out her site make sure to purchase items from her new line of gear for the pool and the beach called Ocean Anarchy. BTW – how cool is that name? Bathing suits, coverups and more!

Ocean Anarchy

Love it!

Ocean Anarchy tank


Now, have fun and be safe rocking out at your festival this summer! I know I will have fun wearing my headdress.


**Stay snarky my friends!**

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