Designing Your Own Show Stopping Ring: The Basics

Designing Your Own Show Stopping Ring: The Basics


Ohhh, yeah!  This post is about a few of my favorite girly things! Diamonds and jewelry  – yes please. Handing it over to Laura to give you a little advice on how to design your own fab and super snarky ring! ENJOY!

Do you dream of designing your own show stopping ring? Maybe it’s your engagement or wedding ring. Maybe you just want to treat yourself and have something that nobody else has. Whatever the case, there are lots of things you can do to make your dream a reality. Read on for the basics of designing your own show stopping ring…

Set Your Budget

First of all, set your budget. Designing a ring can be pricy, but you can also do it on a bit of a budget if you really want to. Setting a budget beforehand will allow you to discuss what is possible with jewelers, and source your materials accordingly. If you don’t set a budget, things can get expensive pretty quickly!

Brainstorm Your Ideas

If you have ideas, brainstorm them. What shapes do you like? What are your favorite materials? You could even sketch a few pictures if you have ideas like that. Use these to show to jewelers later on!

Research Appropriate Jewelers And Wholesalers

Start doing your research on appropriate jewelers and wholesalers to figure out where you’re going to get your ring. You can buy wholesale loose diamonds and then take them to your jeweler and have them used in your design. You could get everything from one place, but it all depends on your ideas and what’s out there. Look at portfolios, have consultations, and read up a lot. This is how you’ll find the right jeweler for you and end up with the ring of your dreams!

Consider The Occasion

What are you planning doing with your ring once it’s ready? Is this a ring you’re going to wear everyday, or only on special occasions? If it’s an occasion ring, you can afford to choose something that will make a statement, such as a colored diamond or an unusual shape. However, if you’re going to wear this every day, you may want to tone down the design a little to make sure it suits any time you wear it. You don’t just have the design to consider either. If you go to the gym, you’ll want something that is durable or easily take off before your workouts. If you work with your hands, it should be suitable for that too. Thinking of your lifestyle will ensure that your ring doesn’t become a problem.

Consider Your Style

Consider your style when designing your ring. If your favorite color is green, incorporate some of this into your design. If you always wear silver jewelry, it wouldn’t make any sense to design a gold ring! You don’t want the novelty to wear off here. Take a look at the things you wear the most and see if you can make your ring design fit.

The information here is everything you need to start designing your own show stopping ring. If you want to go one step further, you could even take some silversmith classes so that you can make this ring by hand yourself! Have fun!

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