Date Night Fashion Tips For Wowing Him

I am so thankful to Laura this week as she has written tons of great posts for you and is helping me so I can catch up! I will be out of town next week and hoping to get some great shots at the Golden Globes parties! But have no fear, there is never a lack of snarky, guydlines including these dating and fashion tips for you! Take notes from this post…..

So you’ve got a date with Mr. Right, but you’re starting to stress out about what to wear. First dates are stressful enough, without the added worry of working out how to make yourself look and feel great. Getting your date outfit right can be tough, especially when you haven’t discussed a dress code. However, with a little smart thinking and outfit inspiration it is possible, so don’t panic. He’ll be panicking about what to wear just as much as you will. (Yes, really!)

For date night perfection, here are a few handy tips. Hopefully, this advice will not only help you to look good but will also give you a confidence boost.

Date Night Fashion Tips For Wowing Him

Date Night Fashion Tips For Wowing Him


Be selective about what you wear

On a first date, the most important thing is to make a good first impression. As a rule of thumb, we make assumptions about people in the first 15 seconds that we see them. So for this reason, your outfit needs to say exactly, what you want it to. This means no low cut tops, no super short skirts or dresses, and definitely, no heels that you can’t walk in.

Your outfit should say a little about you, and show your date the type of person that you are. For a failsafe first date look, opt for an outfit that’s fun, flirty and a little sexy. Don’t be afraid to show off your figure, but don’t wear anything too provocative.

What outfit is right?

Taking into account the tips above, such as don’t wear anything too low cut, you need to choose a look that’s ideal. This means thinking about the venue and time of the date, and type of thing that you’ll be doing.

For example, for a dinner date at a nice restaurant, a smart-casual dress could be perfect. If you’re going to wear a bodycon style dress, don’t go short, as this gives off a more casual, vibe. Instead, opt for a shin length design – this will still show off your figure but will look a little more elegant. For a skater-style dress, a design that reaches above the knee is perfect, but don’t go any shorter than that. For a range of chic dresses perfect for date night, check out the New Look collection.

Or, for instance, for a movie and drinks date a less formal outfit is needed. This is a less formal date than dinner, so you need to make your look more casual. While a day dress could work well, your best bet is teaming skinny jeans – ideally black, with a nice top and blazer. To give the look a little extra style, team your outfit with black heels and a stylish clutch.

Get your hair and makeup right

Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, the next step is to think about your hair and makeup. For a first date, your hair and makeup should be natural but with a touch of elegance to it. You don’t want to cake your makeup on; you want to show your date your natural beauty.

For your makeup, opt to use BB cream instead of foundation for lighter coverage. Set it in place with translucent powder, top with a little blusher and highlighter, and then focus on your eyes and lips. You should only have one statement feature, so pick whether you want to make your eyes or lips stand out.

For your hair, think about what hairdos make you feel comfortable and confident. Do you prefer wearing your hair down or do you suit it up? Think about it and pick a hairstyle that will make you feel most confident. If you are going to try a new style, make sure to practice it a couple of times beforehand.

Want to wow him, then make sure to take note of these handy tips.

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