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Take it away Laura.

It’s really nice to see those room makeovers that have a particular theme. They can be stylish and inspiring. You can get carried away with a theme and for a while the novelty is all you need. Life, however has other plans. Seasons come and go and so do fashions. Rather than dedicate yourself and your time and finances to the latest look, why not invest yourself in a relaxing room for all seasons?



This would be a room based around classic pieces, with a feel that would lend itself to all occasions. A few ideas and pointers might just get us started on creating a space that will stand the test of time and all our needs.

How do you use your space?

More and more these days, our living spaces have morphed from separate rooms towards open plan. In some houses this has combined the lounge, dining area and even kitchen into one. Only time will tell if that is a trend that will ever change. But more than ever we need to have versatility in our spaces. The big question to ask is what needs and demands do you have from your space?

Answering that will let you know where to focus your attention.

Getting back to neutral.

Try to focus in creating a look that will get you back to neutral. That does not mean boring. It does mean soft calming colour schemes that are not invasive. The best ones work with natural colours, such as stone and soft greys and browns. There are a myriad of colour choices that will work well. The point is not to have walls or colours that make a bold statement. The look and feel you want here is subtle, natural and unobtrusive.

Apply the same principle to the floors. A neutral carpet is always going to be easier to work with rather than one that jars or carries a heavy pattern. A classic option that works well in any home is to have wooden floors sanded and exposed. There is something undeniably classic and comforting about the feel of natural wood. Finishes can be lacquered or varnished and stained.

Making the most of your furniture.

Large three piece suites can take up a lot of space. They can seem oversized especially in terms of many of today’s smaller sized rooms. A better option might be to combine a classic sofa with stylish armchairs. This is a far more versatile combination. It has the added advantage of giving you many more options in terms of moving the room around. There is also something about unique quality pieces that lend a sense of style and class to a room. Another bonus is that should you want to move, you will be able to take all your furniture with you without too much worry

Accessories that are subtle.

Your neutral and versatile look is one of soft comfort and easy living. It is one that invites relaxation. It can be complemented with lamps, wooden coffee tables and rugs. Retro and classic styles will never go out of fashion. It can be great to scour yard sales and retro shops to find classic pieces that will fit in. Small flourishes of bright colour can easily come from flowers, candles or lovely prints on the walls.

You’ll now have the basic palette that will suit any season. Such a look will never go out of style and it will always put you at ease.

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