Can’t Find The One? These Barriers Could Be Holding You Back

Thank you to Laura for these great tips for finding love in this modern age. 

Most of us envisage ourselves falling head over heels in the style of a Disney movie at some point in our lives. If you’re single, and you can’t seem to find the one, you may be losing hope. But hang in there! They say there’s somebody out there for everyone, so don’t lose hope. If you’re struggling in your pursuit of true love, perhaps these barriers are holding you back.

You’re looking in the wrong place

Are you looking for Prince Charming? Are you hoping to settle down and live happily ever after? If so, you’re probably not going to find the partner of your dreams on an online dating site, which is renowned for casual flings. Some people just want to have fun, and that’s fine. But if this doesn’t apply to you, you might find that you’re looking for love in the wrong place. Online dating makes it easier to meet people, but are you likely to encounter the right type of person? There are lots of sites that are aimed at people who do want long-term relationships, but it’s worth considering other options. Take up a new hobby, start volunteering, or join some societies that spark your interest. Get social, and start hanging out with a wider social circle. If you spend all your time around couples, you’re unlikely to meet the man or woman of your dreams.

Can't Find The One? These Barriers Could Be Holding You BackIMAGE

You’re still hung up on your ex

Do you think about your ex all the time? Are you constantly coming up with strategies to win him back? Do you compare every date to him? If you’re stuck in the past, you’ll find it virtually impossible to move forward. If you’re still hung up on your ex, you have two choices. You can take more time, and try and get over him, or you can try again, and see if things will work this time around. Get in touch, and have a frank and honest conversation. He may tell you that he’s not interested in giving things another go. But he might also say that he’s been missing you, and life hasn’t been the same since you broke up. It’s worth a try. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

You’re putting too much pressure on yourself

Are you obsessed with finding the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you desperate to meet the right person and start a life together? Often, when we put a heap of pressure on ourselves, it can have a detrimental effect. When you stop looking for love, you’ll probably find that it comes your way. Don’t put pressure on every date, and don’t despair if you have a few disasters or kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. It’s very rare to find the one when you first start dating. Have fun, relax, and be optimistic.


Are you struggling to find the one? If so, these obstacles could be to blame. If you’ve had limited success, try switching things up. Meet new people, go to different places and don’t pin all your hopes on dating sites. Relax, take things easy, and don’t give up if you have an awful date. If you’re hankering after your ex, and you can’t get them out of your mind, try and reconnect. A reunion may or may not be on the cards, but at least you won’t regret not giving it a go.

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