Bringing Sexy Back: Enter & Win $190 Love Massage Box from Hello Cheri

I always say I will never post anything on the blog that will embarrass my parents or I will look back in a few years and want to crawl under a table from OMG syndrome. With that said, I am all about finding love and cherishing the one you love (if I could ever find him-where is he hiding???) I also don’t think you need one specific day to show your partner that you love them like the Hallmark holiday of Valentines Day. You should appreciate each other every day and no one should tell you when, where and why. There are so many fun items out there for couples but sometime it may be a little risqué for some to venture into couples Playland. There are different kinds of Playlands varying from Disneyland to whatever X-rated land Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian reside in here in Los Angeles. If you came for that, you are in the wrong place. But, there are other things couples can do for one another to enhance their relationships and don’t require an X rating. Massage anyone? HELL YEAH!


Love Massage Hello CheriJust look at last nights episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County where one of the housewives needed to take a swig of a half a bottle of vodka to get cuddly with her hubby. Forget that (well she probably forgot what happened afterward and that is no fun). Lose the Vodka and opt for a massage from your sweetie instead. Trust me a great massage will loosen you up much better than a shot anyway. If you have additional items to make that massage heavenly – you are in like Flynn.

Introducing Hello Cheri! Hello Cheri is a new brand of accessories for your love life. Hello Cheri offers a large range of tasteful and affordable items that will help and your partner to relax, enjoy and set the romantic mood (and you won’t be embarrassed if your parents happen to stumble upon these products). Plus, if you have any questions about love and sex, Hello Cheri is there to help. Professional sexologist Ian Kerner will answer all of your most intimate questions in the ‘Ask a Sex Question’ section of their website. Of course, depending how adventurous you are there are a few items on the site that may be a little risqué some but not for others.

We have partnered up with Hello Cheri to give you a Love/Massage Box for those hot summer nights. You can take these with you on a romantic getaway and that will make your vacay that much hotter!

Here is what we are giving you the opportunity to win and loosen you up. Nothing is better than a massage right? (Well, unless he is tall, handsome and single! )

Hello Amor Apricot Massage Oil – Does it really matter the smell as long as you are getting a massage?

Hello Biscotti AND Hello Pineapple Coconut Massage candles – Set the mood (We all look better and thinner in candlelight) and once the candle melts it becomes a luxurious massage oil to use on your partner’s body or on yourself if you choose.

Hello Posh Warming Heat Heart (try to say that fast, three times, and out loud?) – Put some heat and relax those tense muscles.

Hello Cold Massage Stones – Great for pressure points, after the gym or even after heat from the warming heart !

Hello Desire Blindfold or just a sleep mask for a great night sleep you will have after the massage.

“Love That Works” Book by Wendy Strgar – Just in case you like to read your partner a bedtime story about intimacy.

Bath and Massage Samples (1 massage candle, 1 bath salt, 3 bath beads) –oooh ahhh

So, you know what to do! Good luck.

Extra points (not really) if you send me a man with this box for my bday!
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**Stay snarky my friends!**

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  1. Brenda Allison May 21, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

    Love anything you got!

  2. Sharon Kaminski May 22, 2014 at 6:11 am #

    I would like to see a iced coffee.

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