Holy zzysh®: Don’t Waste a Sip Of Wine Or Champagne Again

Holy Zzysh: Don't Waste a Sip Of Wine Or Champagne Again

This post discusses a very important topic: indulging in alcoholic beverages of the champagne and wine nature over and over again with out wasting a sip. We all deserve a glass of wine or champagne once in a while, right? For some of us, that is more often than others. For me, I am a Prosecco drinker! I love it. It is light and refreshing which is mandatory while living in the Arizona desert. It is sweet but not too sweet. I don’t like anything or anyone too sweet. I don’t trust them and neither should you. But, back to… Continue Reading

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I Swiped Right On Your Face Because

I totally swiped right on your face because you have/are: 1. A clear mugshot as your main profile photo. 2. Posing with the infamous hand on your hip pose to hide whatever you think you are hiding but are not and everyone knows it. 3. A selfie of you in the gym sans sleeves and wired headphones in your ears with a perfectly pressed shirt. 4. Failed to fill out the one and only question listed on the app. 5. A picture with a bunch of ladies surrounding you. 6. A picture with a bunch of guys so I have… Continue Reading

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Win A 9 Foot FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float With Cooler For 2

Win A 9 Foot FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float With Cooler For 2

Happy dog days of summer! I wish I was on a boat on a tropical island with a NICE young man feeding me frozen grapes and filling a never ending glass full of fruity, frothy, alcoholic beverages with a little umbrella in them, but I am not. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t turn the hot summer days into my own little fun in my backyard with my menagerie, Teddy Brewski and friends right? As you all know I love my pool floats and have become quite the float aficionado and collector. They are great party toys, perfect accessories for… Continue Reading

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