How To Throw A Super Chic End Of Summer Party

I can’t believe it is the end of summer already! I am still moving into the house. Week three of the longest move ever. You can be sure that I am planning an end of summer party myself! Here are some great tips from Laura on how to throw a chic end of summer party! An end of summer party calls for a chic outdoor affair with your favourite people, yummy food, great music and a few props and games thrown in. We often get busy over the summer period, and an end of summer soiree is the perfect way… Continue Reading

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Fun Date Night Ideas That You Might Never Have Thought Of

Never. Ever. Ever. I repeat. Never try and do two moves into a new house in two weeks. Can’t move. Answer is no to everything and everyone until my mom and I can walk again. Didn’t finish moving into house until 9pm with not 1 box unpacked. Thinking about taking mom to an island in Hawaii next week with no wifi. Seriously. And Laura to the rescue again…..this time about fun date night ideas! I would love to have a fun date night right now! Whether you are in a new relationship or have been married for several years, date… Continue Reading

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Celebrity Relationships That Have Lasted The Test Of Time!

Happy moving day part 1 to me! Laura is taking over the blog and doing a wonderful job! It is raining in Arizona but these couples have weathered the rain. Great post. Take it away…. Unfortunately, we are always hearing about celebrities breaking up and getting divorced. It is a struggle for their relationships to last with cheating and distance often being the cause of the split. However, you might be surprised to know that there are some celebrity relationships which have lasted over 15 years! Here are some celebrity relationships that have lasted the test of time! Photo Credit… Continue Reading

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Sophisticated Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Happy day! I am in the process of closing escrow and moving and thank Laura for another amazing post. I would love all of these things, especially to go on a cruise!!! Looks awesome. Wish me luck and enjoy this post. Take it away Laura……. When your wedding anniversary rolls around, you will no doubt want to spend it spoiling the one you love. You will also want to plan plenty of celebrations as well! So how should you spend your anniversary, if you want it to be a sophisticated and stylish affair? Here are some of our top ideas…. Continue Reading

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Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

Continued from my previous post….. Did you read it? You should right here. The next interesting issue from my previous post is about social media influencers turning celebrity. Not like Brad Pitt celeb status but more like a Tila Tequila celeb status. Usually these C-D-listers, so called celebs are so entitled that they are here one day and gone the next. Out faster than onesies for the holidays. In this case, these people are usually managed or have agents like the guy I met a while back and is now feeling “holier than thou” trying to sign “digital” talent. He… Continue Reading

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