BOOM! Win A Sony PlayStation 4 Bundle And Wired Headset Worth $450

BOOM! Win A Sony PlayStation 4 Bundle AND Wired Headset Worth $450

Spring has sprung and the weather is gorgeous here in Arizona. Too bad I am never here to enjoy it for longer than 5 consecutive days at a time. But, soon I can picture myself laying by the pool and working on my tan. With all of my travels I realized that I have not hosted a giveaway in a while and you know how much I love giving away free products to my followers. Plus, I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you again for all of the support earning me the Shorty Award Vox Populi… Continue Reading

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MelanysGuydlines: Shorty Awards 2015 Vox Populi Winner In Blogger

MelanysGuydlines at the Shorty Awards 2015

Happy day after the Shorty Awards! Thank you for 577 nominations from my followers which earned this blog the BEST award, the Vox Populi a.k.a. fan favorite in blogger at the 2015 Shorty Awards! That is the one I wanted. I am truly grateful! Plus, I couldn’t imagine having better dates than my parents who have been supportive since day one, no matter what life has thrown our way. It hasn’t EVER been easy but we have always had each other. I love you both! Thanks for sharing this trip and honor with me. I know my sister, Brenna would… Continue Reading

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Why I Social Podcast Featuring Melany Berger: Shorty Awards Special

whyisocial podcast with Melany Berger

Happy Shorty Awards Day and Night! The day has finally arrived for the Shorty Awards and I will be attending the show tonight. You can watch it live on! But, before you watch the show make sure to listen to me on the Why I Social Podcast with Chris Barrows. I met (via twitter) Chris through my co-hosting appearances on Social Hangout with Eric Mitchell. Yes, I know that may be confusing to some who are not online as much as we are but I promise you that both of these men are putting out excellent and entertaining content not to be missed. I have been a guest on other podcasts but the Why I Social stands out. Chris is personable and flexible (with my crazy travel schedule). So, what makes his show stand out in a sea of content? Well, as he explains on the Why I Social… Continue Reading

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Live From New York: MelanysGuydlines At The Shorty Awards 2015

Melanysguydlines at the Plaza hotel for the Shorty Awards!

Good morning beautiful people! I am writing you today live from New York City! I have been enjoying the city with my cutie-parents for the past few days. We are here for the Shorty Awards! I am a finalist in blogger and already know I won the Vox Populi vote which is the honor for most nominations by the public a.k.a. YOU via Twitter!   Thank you so much for all of the support and nominations for a Shorty Award in blogger! Now, it is up to the academy to decide who wins in the Blogger category! Even if I… Continue Reading

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What Is A Good Word To Describe Someone Who Is A “DingDong”?

What is a good word to describe someone who is a "dingdong"?

I wonder how many times a day I shake my head at all the idiots I know? When I say that I work as a flytrap for all the stupid people in the world, I really do. So, what does one do when they can’t believe all the stupidy around them? One takes to Facebook to ask for a little help from their real friends. This is a real thread from my snarky friends on Facebook! Thanks to everyone who replied! I told you this was good for a post! When I say I work as a flytrap for all… Continue Reading

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Jump In Our #SocialBath On #SocialHangout With Eric Mitchell: Guest Michelle Killebrew

Jump In Our #SocialBath On #SocialHangout With Eric Mitchell: Guest Michelle Killibrew

  There is no water shortage in Arizona and I am bathing in a #socialbath glow full of positive bubbles from last weeks #SocialHangout (that trended for nearly 7 hours on twitter). If you missed it, I had the honor of being a guest host along side Eric Mitchell and Vincenzo Landino while we spoke with Tamara McCleary. Tamara is one of the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure of speaking with in my social media journey, both inside and out. There was magic in that show. How much magic? Well, I will just let you know that… Continue Reading

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Tips To Feel Your Best During Allergy Season: What’s In My Bag?

I woke up like this with a little help from Zyrtec.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. You know that feeling. You wake up looking like the bottom of your shoe or a UFC fighter that was on the losing side of the Octagon. I know there are all these people sporting these shirts that say “ I Woke Up Like This” but they didn’t. Please. We all need a little help once in a while and by news feed, I know I am not the only one who suffers from ALLERGY FACE®. You know that look? Watery eyes and a stuffy, red nose are… Continue Reading

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Grateful: #SocialHangout Trending on Twitter For 7 Hours

Grateful: #SocialHangout Trending on Twitter For 7 Hours

  Grateful is what I feel today! It is so easy in our lives to get caught up in the minutia of daily tasks and forget to take the time to smell the roses. Life is not always easy but we all need to take the time to be thankful for what we have, the people in our lives and our relationships. I feel extremely blessed to have met some incredible people on this long, strange trip called life. So, this weekend when you are with your friends and family – remember, love one another. Life is too short not… Continue Reading

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Co-Hosting #SocialHangout With Eric L. Mitchell Fri 4/3/15: Guest Tamara McCleary

Social Hangout

I am fresh off my trip from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and this week has been full of great opportunities flooding my inbox. The conference gave me a chance to put my face with my snarky name and “TADA”! Plus, I know a lot of you have been asking me to do more videos so guess what? You can catch me live tomorrow, Friday April 3, 2015 at 9AM PST on Social Hangout as a Co-host. Yes please! I can do that! What is Social Hangout? It is the hottest new show on the interwebs. It airs… Continue Reading

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