Win $115 to Target (pronounce with French accent)

Happy Friday All! I am giving away stuff like crazy lately! My Bday is soon so I though I should give you another chance to win something just because I want to (do I really need an excuse to appreciate you?) PLUS -Remember to check back next week as we have something totally dope for all of you! Seriously, I want it. Remember my girl Helene from Helene In Between? Well, we have teamed up with some other bloggers to give you a chance to win $115 to Target  – that is Target (pronounce again but with a French accent)…. Continue Reading

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UGallery – Online Art Gallery Fit For Everyone

Unsweetened by Michela Mussera

I don’t know about you but I move a lot! I mean I have moved quite a bit throughout my adult life and in college a total of 5 times in 4 and a half years. Yeah, dad was not too happy about that but the moving company loved me. There was a guy who looked like pop-eye and would literally throw 3 huge boxes on his back and walk backward up flights of stairs. It was awesome. With all the moving I did I always needed a piece of art to go on a wall and I could never… Continue Reading

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The Movie Network: Dedicated To You!

The Movie Network - Neighbors

I do live in LALAland aka Hollywood and everyone here wants to be a star. I meet Writers, Directors, Producers, Actresses, Actors and the combination of all of the above on a daily basis. I hear about so many movies and never really know what is good or bad until I actually see the film. With the advent of social media influencers holding the key to introducing audiences to exciting and great new brands I am happy to introduce you to The Movie Network. The Movie Network is not your average Fandago – type website. You can find local movie… Continue Reading

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Same Old Story: Too Much, Too Skinny, Too Dumb, or Too Too

Random post. I wonder why every time I wear no makeup – I get hit on? But, if I am dressed to the nines guys seem to duck under tables. It is so weird. Does wearing makeup make me unapproachable? Or do guys just really like to pick up on girls that look young? I mean every time I am sans makeup I get carded. Thank you – this is awesome but I am totally confused by it. I get carded without makeup often (even though I think this is a quasi-creepy attempt for the bouncer to get all my… Continue Reading

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Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day 2014. Remember that today is about more than BBQ’s and pool parties. Today is a day to remember and thank all of those who have served and continue to serve the United States of America. I am grateful everyday to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. So, if you know someone that served or is currently serving to provide you with all of the freedom we sometimes take for granted – remember, a thank you goes a long way! Enjoy the rest of this holiday and be safe out there while… Continue Reading

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Win Total $325 from Tego Audio: Wireless Speaker + Power Grid for 3 Winners

Tego audio

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend and the official kick off to summer 2014! I am not sure if my last trip out of town fried my brain from staring at slot machines too long but I thought we still had one more week until my fav BBQ weekend. Well, we don’t and it is here. I better go get my chicken from Costco before they run out. Seriously, I literally just got back from Las Vegas and am leaving my clean clothes and accessories in my suitcase since I will be right back on a plane to rock out to… Continue Reading

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Billboard Music Awards 2014: What Music?

Well, that wraps up another Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas for moi and the final one I attend until Metallica, Godsmack, Shinedown, KORN, Soundgarden, Staind, Drowning Pool, Black Sabbath, Dokken, Disturbed, Ratt, Guns N Roses, Tesla, Otherwise, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Sevendust, Scorpions, ACDC, Van Halen, Motley Crue (just to name just a few) are all in the same room rocking out and receiving REAL music awards. Coming from a music business background and working with real rock groups, it disappoints me the lack of rock and good music out there for young people to digest! I mean I… Continue Reading

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I’m a Rockstar: Bad Ass Blog Awards Finalist & Billboard Music Awards 2014

bad ass blog awards melansyguydlines

It is so ironic. Every time I am in Las Vegas to try and get some vacation –y time – this here blog is up for an award. I am so honored!!!! Hope I win this one as the title of the award is so fitting for the snarky goodness shared on this website. I was in Las Vegas during the Forbes Top 100 Female websites, Shorty Awards race and now have been selected as a finalist for the Bad Ass Blog Awards in the Best Sex, Dating and Relationship Blog. Thank you for the nominations that helped me advance… Continue Reading

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It’s Hot in Here: Snarky Summer Top Picks


……(Try and say that title fast – I dare you!) Well, time is flying by this year. The older I get the faster it goes. I have been blogging and social media– ing away and now it is post Mother’s Day, a few weeks closer to another 30ish’ish Bday, Father’s Day and my awesome (and patient) parent’s anniversary. If you keep up with me on social media (you should if you don’t because you are missing out on great stuff) you can see that I have been traveling like crazy. But, never fear I am here to combine the best… Continue Reading

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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day! It is Mother’s Day weekend and I hit the jackpot in the Mom drawing! I am lucky to call my mother more than mom….she is my best friend. So, to my mom and the moms who read this blog, I want to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day filled with family, laughter, and love. I would never be able to do this crazy social media thing without my mom. She is my #1 fan, editor, and most loyal supporter. Plus, she takes one for the team and responds to my online dating profile nightmare emails. She… Continue Reading

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Bringing Sexy Back: Enter & Win $190 Love Massage Box from Hello Cheri

Love and MAssage Box -

I always say I will never post anything on the blog that will embarrass my parents or I will look back in a few years and want to crawl under a table from OMG syndrome. With that said, I am all about finding love and cherishing the one you love (if I could ever find him-where is he hiding???) I also don’t think you need one specific day to show your partner that you love them like the Hallmark holiday of Valentines Day. You should appreciate each other every day and no one should tell you when, where and why…. Continue Reading

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Getting A Second Date: The Real Truth Part 2

And without further ado…..PART 2 to Getting A Second Date: The Real Truth. If you did not read PART 1 – you should! 4. Manners/Doesn’t Know Shit/Full of Shit -She thinks that if she is indecisive and acts like she doesn’t know what to order while at dinner that it makes her date feel more like a man and being courteous to his wallet. Unfortunately, the only thing this does is annoy him and makes him want to jump out the nearest window (which is nearby their “best” table he has so cleverly arranged with the host while being early)…. Continue Reading

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