10 Winners, 10 L’Essential Vapor Couture Kits Worth A Total $650

You asked for it and here it is! Another giveaway! I love giving my readers snarky things and you can’t get much snarkier than the L’Essential kits from Vapor Couture. If you have been reading my past few posts you know that Vapor Couture is the only ecig exclusively designed for women. It’s about time. No more batons for me. Vapor Couture features an ultra-thin jewel tripped rechargeable ecig. Not only that, but they rock some super sexy accessories for you not to break your Vapor Couture ecigs. They offer leather clutches to sterling silver charm necklaces that epitomize modern… Continue Reading

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My 2 Cents: Rocking Social Media

Being a flytrap for stupid people on a daily basis allows me no shortage for writing material. I will get into that a little further when I return to the place where my clothes live. Also, known to some as “home”. I have been traveling so much that Southwest sends a few emails a week to inform me “Your trip is around the corner” while I am still on a trip. Whatever? Home is where the heart is or where my clothes and purses live. Right? But, I thought I would share this golden nugget of knowledge with all of… Continue Reading

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Vapor Couture Product Review: Baton vs. Bling

I know that I have been addressing several different topics lately. But, I always try to be honest with my reviews of products and give you my snarky opinion. This is no different. Also, I am aware that there is a movement to ban vap’ing but an ecig helped my friend quit smoking and she had the nasty habit for 20 years. In my last post about Vapor Couture, I told you that I would review and get back to you. Remember, Vapor Couture is the only electronic cigarette designed exclusively for women and I they nailed that part in… Continue Reading

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16 Things I Pack But Never Wear While Traveling

Tomorrow, I leave for San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World and excited to meet some more people in my field. What I am not looking forward to is packing. I mean let’s be honest – I am living out of a suitcase in my spare bedroom from my last trip. My bathroom products are still in protective double plastic bags in my other sink. I double bag all my products – I am a product whore – we have already established that but each lotion, remover and whatever else l think I am going to need while on… Continue Reading

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Wellness® Pet Food: The only food for Teddy Brewski

You know that Teddy Brewski is my number one fan and the second most important male in my life (besides my father). So, when I saw the opportunity to post about Wellness® Pet Food and the importance of healthy nutrition for my best friend – I needed to chime in. When he was just a baby puppy I was totally overwhelmed with the choices of dog food. After trying several all natural foods (and surviving the stench that followed) I finally found Wellness® Pet Food. Well, Wellness dog food is good for Teddy Brewski, his tummy and for my nose…. Continue Reading

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My Chic Little Secret: Vapor Couture ECig Exclusively for Women

Thank God it is Friday and it is the start of March Madness. The University of Arizona is set to take the court in a few hours and I am ready for my weekend. Did I earn it? Too bad I have so much work to catch up on following a few very tough weeks. Needless to say, I am a stress case now (and always – honestly) and try very hard to harness my stress in productive ways. You know, having a grey goose soda and shopping! It works for me. Don’t judge. We all have our dirty little… Continue Reading

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Oscar Style Bling: Win $427 of Celebrity Looks by Overstock

Congratulations to our winner for the Official Oscar Gift Bag items by Jan Lewis Designs – Cori W. from MN. YEAH FOR YOU! I want pictures once you receive your kick ass prize. Back from Vegas and even though I was not a big winner this time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I had more luck playing the new board game “Landing Mr. Right” than at the tables or in the bar. The board game was more fun and at least I could date a bunch of different guys at the same time without getting the “whatever happens in Vegas… Continue Reading

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18 Things That Make Me Go “Huh?” While In Las Vegas

1. The need for women to wear clothes they would never be caught dead in within a 500mile radius of their hometown. Just because you are in Vegas does not mean you need to dress like the hookers waiting for the unsuspecting and recently paid out nerd who just won the $6,000 progressive on his first time in Vegas. Listen buddy, lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice and your luck is not THAT good. Oh and remember my Miss Piggy post ladies and gents? If you have a friend wearing a sausage casing doubling as a dress –… Continue Reading

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“Hang on Sloopy”: Ramsey Lewis’s Music is Smooth Like Honey

If you have not heard (you are living under a rock and need to check Melanysguydlines more often) because we are doing a contest with nearly 10,000 entries in just one week! The prize is from Jan Lewis Designs who is featured in the Official Oscar Nominee gift bag. The winner will receive $400 worth of her signature bangles, celebration scarf and tie inspired by her multi-Grammy award-winning husband Ramsey Lewis. It is clear from the success of the contest that Jan Lewis is a star. But, what you may not know is her husband has been regarded as an… Continue Reading

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Insomnia: Top 12 Things (NOT) To Do When I Can’t Sleep

Just woke up with a start and was thinking how can I write a blog post at 3:00AM without it sounding weird. Well, that already sounds weird so here is a list of the top things I do when abruptly interrupted from my much needed beauty rest. (Please note all of these are done while tip-toeing as not to wake up my sleeping beauty AKA  – Teddy Brewski because once he starts barking, he will NEVER stop. Dogs don’t have internal alarm clocks. We are their clocks). 1. Pee- Don’t you? Usually the reason I wake up in the middle… Continue Reading

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Oscar Goes To You: Win $400 Official Oscar Nominee Gifts by Jan Lewis

Happy ridicule ugly dresses and praise beautiful gowns day aka day after the Academy Awards! How many of you enjoyed the show last night? I must admit that I watched but my ADD set it and Twitter took over so I missed parts of the show. But, I am happy Jared Leto (my boyfriend) has finally received recognition because we have been dating since he was on “My So Called Life”. Not really, but I want one of him on that show-NOW. Also, I have yet to see “Wolf of Wall Street” but probably need to find a date for… Continue Reading

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Vanity Fair Social Club: Melanysguydlines Makeover

Vanity Fair Social club

Happy Saturday! I am so happy that it is the weekend because I NEED to catch up on rest. I felt like I was a walking zombie yesterday completely deprived of sleep because I had a crazy week! Vanity Fair hosted a Social Club for bloggers where we were able socialize and grab free stuff! People are starting to recognize the importance of social media influencers and I love every minute and freebie of it. Vanity Fair and the sponsors had the most amazing creation. Picture a vending machine stocked of full adult size products from Vanity Fair, Lancome, Clarasonic,… Continue Reading

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