Dating Oscar Goes to Mr. Piggy

It is pre-Oscar week and in Hollywood that means there is a lot going on. A lot meaning way more than what is going on in my love life, which is nothing unless you count that atrocious date, I went on last week. I have totally exhausted all of my patience with the men via online dating sites and have left the pleasure of interacting with these gems to my mother who doesn’t mind talking to unsuspecting guys in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. Well, she has not done badly until last week. But, in all honesty… Continue Reading

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When Animals Attack: Dating Interference

  The Shorty Awards nominations are over and I hope I did not miss the honor by one spot. I will be ok with it (I will not, but my vodka is chilling and ready for consumption at 4:59PM to soothe my soul -just in case). Stay tuned as they are calculating right NOW! If I did not win, I am convinced outside forces in which I had no control over affected the outcome. Animals. You know? When animals attack? In the past week, I had interference from all of the following “animals”, which prevented proper promoting,  blogging, (and successful… Continue Reading

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Dating & Sex with Patti Stanger & Perez Hilton for

As most of you know, I drove to Arizona a few weeks ago for relaxation and to step away from my keyboard. And….I failed miserably at relaxing plus got a speeding ticket along the way. So, not the most fun trip but, I did take part in a discussion with the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger and Perez Hilton discussing love, dating and sex findings from 2014 study. The event looked Ah–mazing in New York and I am bummed that I could not actually be at there in RL. However, I was selected to represent the West Coast blogging community… Continue Reading

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Mel’s Hits & Misses Valentines Day 2014-PART 2

Accessories Council’s #ACTOPPICKS Valentine’s Day Gift Bag

I love accessories more than anyone. This is an honest AND fair statement! I have been known as the girl with “long blonde hair, big brown eyes, long nails and lots of jewelry” ever since I can remember (Melanie Felony time). I would have more things hanging from me than Mr. XMAS tree if I could work it fabulously. Too bad I haven’t met Mr. Right to slide a sparkler on my ring finger. Come on cupid – how is the shooting practice going? Anyway, if it doesn’t glitter, sparkle, have studs or catch your eye – I am not… Continue Reading

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Mel’s Hits & Misses Valentines Day 2014-PART 1

It is that time of year and since people think I am some sort of  a relationship expert –ish, I have received many awesome and not so awesome product reviews/requests. I wish my dating prospects were as good as some of these items. I hope my chubby, cherub a.k.a. cupid has been going to the shooting range. I will pay for him to have lessons to improve his aim and stop hitting all the asses of assholes. At this point, I would rather have Ted…..ehh Teddy Brewski than any other prospects. Cupid – you listening? 1. Ted Doll (I found… Continue Reading

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Cupids Bullseye: $545 Exclusive ICJUK Giveaway

Happy pre-Valentines Day (another- Don’t dress like a slut day). If you heard my interview on The Modern Dater, then you know I don’t love this holiday. It is not because I am single and bitter because when I had a hot boyfriend – I hated the holiday. You can ask him? He is probably still sitting in the same chair, with the same shocked looked on his face when I left him at a five star restaurant some years back. People – we do not need Hallmark to tell each other when we should be nice. It should happen… Continue Reading

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