Fashion: No Mo Boho

Fashion: No Mo' Boho

Attention Fashion Designers: I am over the “Coachella – inspired” BoHo BS look! 1. Coachella did begin as a concert or a place to hear GOOD music? Correct? Not as a fashion statement. 2. Boho is a no go on most. Word to most – you look like a couch. 3. I left my heart in SF a while ago but pretty sure it wasn’t the 60s. Please! I am so over this look and it is completely contradictory to my ROCKER music taste too btw. So, bring back glamour! I am not sure I would wear my derby day… Continue Reading

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Dress To Impress: Some Advice For Bringing Out Your Inner Sexy

I’m in the market for a new partner! Are you? Read some tips from Laura on how to dress to impress and bring out your inner sexy. Take it away….. If you’re in the market for a new partner, you want to be looking your sexiest. It’s time to ditch the jogging bottoms and the team building t-shirt you got from work and find new ways to look even sexier. Here are some hot tips. Wear Lace Pexels Currently, sites like are offering discounts on Victoria Secret lines. That’s good news, since lace, according to Dr. Ava Cadell, is… Continue Reading

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Join Me For Golf And Freebies From Jofit Apparel Dec. 8, 2016 In Tempe, AZ

Join Me For Golf And Freebies From Jofit Apparel Dec. 8, 2016 In Tempe, AZ

Tempe, Arizona! Where are my ladies that golf and would like to be my guest at a super fun event with my favorite women’s athletic clothing line called Jofit Apparel? Their tag line describes them to a “tee” (couldn’t help myself – FORE). “Real Women. Real Bodies. Real Solutions” and I am a fan of all of their workout gear. #teamjofit all the way. All… Continue Reading

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Puppies Make Me Happy: I’m Wearing The Happiest Clothes On Earth

Seriously! I am wearing the happiest clothes on earth. Can you say puppies, the softest fabric ever, and giving back to pups of all breeds? Let me introduce you to Puppies Make Me Happy because they are truly the happiest clothes on earth and I love them. This is not a sponsored post, this is a post because this brands rocks. I was introduced to the clothing company at Teddy Brewski’s salon in Scottsdale, Arizona called Oh My Dog! Boutique and bought a rocker dog shirt that was a variation of “Howl At the Moon” puppy style. Bonus points if… Continue Reading

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Win A Mother’s Day Gift Basket From Overstock Worth $325

Win Overstock Mother's Day basket worth $325

Happy day! Wow. I have a real treat for you this Mother’s Day. MelanysGuydlines has partnered with Overstock again for an amazing giveaway featuring 9 different fantastic items mom is going to love. Whether the mom in your life is a foodie, DIY interior designer or fashionista, you can always find the perfect present at that will show you value her. Here are ALL the items we would love to give away to one lucky winner. This Mother’s Day basket from Overstock is worth $325. You had me at win a Margarita and Slush Maker from Overstock!!! You had… Continue Reading

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Win Personalized Jewelry from Origami Owl: 3 Winners

MelanysGuydlines Origami Owl Locket!

You all know I love my bling and can’t get enough of it ever! All my favorite jewelry has special meaning. From my necklace that was made from my late grandfather’s tie clip to the chain I wear around my neck reminding me of my grandmother every day. Jewelry is so much more than just something I wear. It tells a story. Let me introduce you to Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a line of meaningful jewelry that can be customized with charms to tell one’s personal story. Founded by Bella Weems, Origami Owl’s signature Living Locket line has caught… Continue Reading

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Fashion Music Festivals Musts By ICJUK: Coachella, EDC and WMC

Fashion Music Festivals Musts By ICJUK: Coachella, EDC and WMC

Music festivals are my favorite! I love all types of festivals from rock to electronic. I used to attend the World Music Conference in Miami every year, rock EDC in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Coachella of course. If you don’t know, Coachella is right around the corner. Preparing for a music festival means your fashion needs to be on point from head to toe. Please, don’t wear a romper with your ass hanging out. It is not cute on anyone and I don’t care how thin you are but cheeks dropping under shorts should never be a look…. Continue Reading

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16 Guydlines To Overcoming Being A Workaholic

Aura picture

I have been working on being on not being a workaholic. How am I doing, you ask? Well, I have been making time for myself! The first part of this process started by getting my ass back in the gym. I can’t tell you how good I feel now that I have been moving around and active for the past month. In all fairness to me, I placed myself in my own prison a.k.a. a walking boot from an injury sustained while playing kickball. Yes, kickball. I’m a total ringer too but one bad step while running through the bag,… Continue Reading

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Valentine’s Day Fashion Picks: Morana Jewelry

Valentine’s Day Fashion Picks: Morana Jewelry

  Happy February!! I can’t believe it is already February. Can you? Wow! But, you know what that means. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you should start thinking about what you are going to wear or give your sweetheart for this lovely holiday. Be honest! What woman doesn’t love receiving and wearing awesome jewelry? Don’t worry I am here to introduce you to my new favorite fashion jewelry line that is affordable and has so many options you can be sure to find whatever “blingy” style you are looking to rock! You know I love my jewels… Continue Reading

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Date Night Fashion Tips For Wowing Him

Date Night Fashion Tips For Wowing Him

I am so thankful to Laura this week as she has written tons of great posts for you and is helping me so I can catch up! I will be out of town next week and hoping to get some great shots at the Golden Globes parties! But have no fear, there is never a lack of snarky, guydlines including these dating and fashion tips for you! Take notes from this post….. So you’ve got a date with Mr. Right, but you’re starting to stress out about what to wear. First dates are stressful enough, without the added worry of… Continue Reading

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NFL Fall Fashion Picks: Cheering The Cardinals To The Playoffs

I am a fan of a lot of things but some of my most passionate fanaticisms come in the form of favorite sporting teams and fashion! Sports and fashion go together for me like peanut butter & jelly, snarky & Melanysguydlines and Teddy Brewski & Melany Berger, and…well, you get it. I am a sporty chick, but just because I can throw and catch a ball better than most men, does not mean I don’t know how to dress for a sporting event. Trust me. There is a right and wrong way to dress for a football game and you… Continue Reading

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Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could do With Makeup

Weird Things You Didn't Know You Could do With Makeup

And another great post from Laura about one of my favorite things to buy and wear: MAKEUP!! Some good tips here! Take note. Love the gold sparkle eye shadow if it is placed correctly.  Makeup is great. It can enhance our best features, and hide things we don’t feel so confident about. Not only that, one item can usually double up to do more than you thought possible! The truth is, you can do a few weird things with your makeup. Continue reading to find out what they are… Get Bigger Lips You don’t need to go and have Kylie… Continue Reading

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