BlogPaws 2016: A Social Media Conference for My Dog, Teddy Brewski

BlogPaws 2016: A Social Media Conference for My Dog, Teddy Brewski

Teddy Brewski and I have been so busy with his birthday, my birthday, my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, buying a new house (YAY), Father’s Day giveaways and gift guides that we have had very little time to blog! We do want to thank everyone for all the well wishes and congratulate the winner of the Father’s Day Overstock giveaway, as it was the biggest and most successful to date! The contest had nearly 150,000 entries and our winner Nora G from Florida is beyond stoked! She is so excited and so I am to have a winner that appreciates her… Continue Reading

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016: Dog Not Included

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016: Dog Not Included

I have been scouring the Internet for the BEST Father’s Day gift ideas for all of you! My dad is super cool and loves a lot of things especially the Warriors! GO DUBS! But, he also loves snarky products I give him as I am a professional shopper and blogger. But, we all know that. So, let me share a few of these finds with you. What do you think? 1. Overstock everything especially the Father’s Day gift basket I am giving away! Have you entered yet? You should. Good luck. Remember it includes 15 fatherly-approved items such as a… Continue Reading

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You Can Learn A Lot From A Dog

You can learn a lot from a dog!

Yes, you can learn a lot from a dog. I learn from Teddy Brewski every day. I mean, I learned last night that dogs will eat everything (even asparagus) if the opportunity arises. I will let you know how that goes. But what I really want to share with all of you people is this. As I walk Teddy Brewski and watch him walk his favorite walk every day and he always takes time to smell the roses. He also let’s someone else (me) deal with all of the “garbage”. I have decided to let go of a lot of… Continue Reading

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Must Have Hysterical App – MSQRD

This is not a sponsored post. I am not getting paid to write this. But, let me tell you that my new favorite app has to be MSQRD. It stands for masquerade because you can change your face with different masks and 3D camera tricks to become all different types of people, animals, characters and more. It is so funny that I am still laughing at the videos I recorded a few days ago. Hysterical and provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. This was my first try using the app..LOLOL My new favorite app has to be #MSQRD… Continue Reading

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Must Have Gift For Your Dog: Wisdom Panel® 3.0 DNA Test

Must Have Gift For Your Dog: Wisdom Panel® 3.0 DNA Test

We all know how much I love my dog right? Teddy Brewski is my best friend, the best boyfriend and my furry child. He is a fluffy and integral part of my family and I would do anything to ensure he lives the happiest, healthiest and snarkiest life I can provide for him. He is the cutest and (sometimes) the best-behaved dog ever! Plus, he just hit 2020 followers on IG and getting close to 3000 on Twitter! Wow. Shhhh don’t let it go to his head, ok? HA! But, what do you get a dog that has everything for… Continue Reading

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7 Tips for Moving to a New City

Tips for moving to a new city!

Thank you to Holly Tomlinson for this post!! Some great tips here. I love #5!! Whether you’re moving for a job or just for a much needed change, making your way to a new city can be a rough task, but it’s also an exciting time. Use these tips to make your move the best it can be and save yourself some stress along the way. How to Find the Perfect Apartment Looking for the right apartment is essential when you’re making the move to a new city. It’s a good idea to find a monthly lease at first; it… Continue Reading

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

This is because I care. Well, we all already know that I love my dog. Dogs rock. They are the best for so many reasons. I mean, Teddy Brewski already has more followers than most people. Plus, my dog in the Bay Area is a rescue and she is the sweetest ever. Her name is Gizmo and she knows we saved her life because we did. Rescues make amazing best friends and there are so many dogs out there that need a loving home! This is because I love dogs and want to help shelter dogs find forever homes. #adoptashelterdogmonth… Continue Reading

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Happy National Dog Day: Woofs, Wags & Kissezz from Teddy Brewski

Happy #nationaldogday

Congratulations and happy ‪#‎nationaldogday‬ to all of our favorite dogs and dog lovers out there! Since Teddy Brewski is the mayor of my building it is only fitting he has his own following! Do you follow him yet? @sirteddybrewski on Twittter and Instagram? You should. He is snarky barky. He makes my days so much more fun. I love him. Dogs are the best. Now, all I need to do is find him a gf and a me a bf and we will be all set. AND…. Congratulations to Teddy Brewski on being added to the first page of the… Continue Reading

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32 Snarky Relationships Tips from My Dog Teddy Brewski- PART 2

32 snarky relationship tips from my dog Teddy brewski - part 2

There are so many posts on this site that sometimes I forget snarky nuggets I have written. Thankfully, there are sites that help me get content to you without it being lost in the blogosphere forever such as StumbleUpon. If you don’t know it, you should. You could spend the rest of your life on that site and never get up to go to the bathroom. I don’t recommend it because I dated a guy that did things like that and I think he is still sitting in front of his computer, but I do recommend allotting a certain amount… Continue Reading

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I’m Taking the Paws4Life Pledge from Purina® & Sam’s Club & You Should Too!

Purina Paws4Life Pledge

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m Taking the Paws4Life Pledge a happy pet is a healthy pet from Purina® & Sam’s Club & You Should Too! Come on! It is easy! Well, we all know that Teddy Brewski is my main dog man. I was so happy to pick him up yesterday as I have been traveling so much lately and he has been staying with my favorite dog trainers at Partner Dog Training in Cave Creek, Az. I highly recommend them, though I think he… Continue Reading

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