Use Our Influence For Good: Calling Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Brands and Friends

Influence For Good: Calling Brands, Influencers, Bloggers and Friends

I have been trying to keep my blog and timelines clear the past week for people in the Houston area and all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Today, I am calling on all my fellow influencers, bloggers, social media people, brands and friends to help people in need right now. Use our influence for good. I have reached out to a few friends in Houston doing amazing work and am trying to put something together but want to make sure what I donate is what they need and actually reaches the people that need it the most! If anyone… Continue Reading

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I’m the Guest On #MediaChat Thurs. 2/16/17: Working With Brands You Love

I’m the Guest On #MediaChat Thurs. 2/16/17: Working With Brands You Love

Do you have plans tomorrow night? Now you do! Join me as I have been invited back to be the #mediachat guest on Twitter with Aaron Kilby. Aaron Kilby hosts #mediachat and he is one of my all time favorite people in social media and in real life. This twitter chat moves fast and is highly regarded as one of the top Twitter Chats. It is a chat not to miss! Trust me. It is hands down my favorite hours to spend on twitter and I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Please join us tomorrow… Continue Reading

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Melany Berger On Blab Tonight: How To Work With Brands

Melany Berger On Blab Tonight: How To Work With Brands

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It has been a few months since my last Blab discussion and I am excited to be interviewed by Shon Hyneman from Kairos Social about one of my favorite topics: How to work with brands. Tonight is the night where I will finally catch up with Shon Hyneman on Blab. What are my secrets…well, maybe not all of them! Join me tonight talking Working With Brands on @KairosSocial Blab. What are my secrets…well,… Click To Tweet Join us tonight, Monday 3/28/16 @ 6:30PM/PST – be there!! Here is the link:… Continue Reading

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The Snark Tank: Bull’s Eye vs. Bull Sh*t

The Snark Tank

I get asked, “What does a blogger do?” several times a day. It is shocking to me but some people still have the preconceived notion that bloggers are like digital scrap-bookers, sitting in large walk-in closets with laptops and piles of crate paper creating origami birds and posting them on the Internet for their friends and family to feel obligated to look at. Sure, there are foodie bloggers who are physically unable to stick any morsel of food in their mouth without documenting every moment of the experience (just eat it – don’t share unless I can actually taste the… Continue Reading

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