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Melany Berger On Cats In The Corner Office March 1: University of Arizona Alumni

Melany Berger On Cats In The Corner Office March 1: University of Arizona Alumni

I’m honored and excited to share that I am the next guest for the Cats In The Corner Office show streamed live on YouTube and presented by the University of Arizona Alumni association. Past guests include some very impressive Cats including Golden State Warrior coach Steve Kerr and the “World’s Most Inspirational Marketing and Motivational speaker” Jay Baer. I have some very big shoes to fill but am confident that this show will be full of insight that you will not want to miss! “Cats in the Corner Office is the University of Arizona Alumni Association’s award-winning online speaker series… Continue Reading

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I’m Speaking At The University of Arizona: Social Media Influencer vs. Celebrity

YAY! I could not be happier to go back to school and guest lecture my favorite people in the world a.k.a. future University of Arizona #wildcatsforlife about social media! I will be covering the differences between a social media influencer and a celebrity! This is a topic I have written a lot about as of late and am looking forward to returning and meeting the students again. Here are my two favorite posts about the topic so far: Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 1 Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2… Continue Reading

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My Guest Lecture At The University of Arizona On Social Media

My Guest Lecture At The University of Arizona On Social Media

Last week, I drove to the University of Arizona to speak to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Department students about Blogging, Social Media, and being a Social Media Influencer. The school offers several different options of Majors and Minors focusing on a variety of topics surrounding the innovation and technological advancements of computer technology including the ever-changing landscape of Social Media. I wish they had these options when I was in school. The students were a bit hesitant at first but opened up pretty quickly. The professor had them prepare questions prior to my arrival, which was a… Continue Reading

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Melany Berger Guest Lecturer at UofA for Communication and eSociety

Melany Berger Guest Lecturer at the University of Arizona

I am going back to school tomorrow at the University of Arizona, not as a student but as a guest lecturer on some of my favorite topics besides rock n’ roll and sports. I will be lecturing the Communication and eSociety students about blogging, social media, and being a social media influencer tomorrow in Tucson, AZ! I am a proud #Wildcatforlife and can’t wait to go visit. It is so much fun going back to school and sharing how I started my business. Even better than that is I am given the opportunity to learn directly from the students about… Continue Reading

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Blow Me: It’s My Birthday

Blow Me it's my bday!

NA NA NA NA NA NA you say it’s your birthday! It is my Birthday too…..tomorrow (June 12). But, who is counting? I stopped a long time ago. Cheers to all of you! Thank you for making MelanysGuydlines so much fun. It has been a wild ride these past few years but cheers to many, many more! For my birthday, I want all of you to keep reading, following and sharing (and for the Golden State Warriors to win tonight)! For my birthday, I want all of you to keep reading, following and sharing (and for the Golden State… Click… Continue Reading

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Don’t Do These Things At A Social Media Conference

How big is your Klout? #smmw15pickuplines15

And…. commence packing ….again! I hate packing but have decided not to fully empty my suitcase any more because I am always on the road. Thanks to BMW for giving me this M suitcase so I can travel in style. And where am I off to next? Well, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA. This is by far one of the best conferences and I highly suggest attending if you have the chance. Last year, I wrote a post called 16 Things Not To Do At (Any/Social Media) Conference and I just re-read that post and LOL’d. No… Continue Reading

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March Madness Makes Me Social: Win With ArizonaSOCIAL


It’s one of my favorite times of the year! Bring it on! What am I talking about? I am talking March Madness tournament people. Of course, it makes it a lot sweeter that I just got back from watching my University of Arizona Wildcats win the Pac 12 championship in Las Vegas last week and that they won yesterday for their first showing in the NCAA tournament. If you haven’t noticed I love my sports, music, fashion, snark and can’t help but share with you on this blog. The 6 questions I get asked all the time are: What do… Continue Reading

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10 Snarky Rules for Dating My Owner: Woofed by Teddy Brewski

dating tips

Happy day after the 4th of July aka July 5, 2014. I am writing to you from HOT Arizona and was supposed to be unpacking these past few days but my AC is non operable, neither toilets are working and I had more than enough creepy crawlies in my place that I had to check into a hotel. There is more to this story and is a contender for the Greatest Hits section but I wanted to post something super cute today. While I am in the process of shuffling clothes, shoes and purses from one area code to another,… Continue Reading

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Top 9 Snarky Tweets, Social Media Funnies & Guydline “Get Lucky” # 69

Funny and snarky

Time flies! Welcome to Guydline post #69 -lets hope this is a lucky number for us all!  Seriously, it feels like I just pulled into Scottsdale, Arizona and I am leaving tomorrow to drive back to LA. These past 5 days flew by but not to worry because I will be back soon-really soon. I am going to change things up a little and get rid of all that trash I told you all about in my B-day post. Happy to share that I am keeping my Birthday present to myself and it will be the BEST present ever. Since… Continue Reading

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UGallery – Online Art Gallery Fit For Everyone

Unsweetened by Michela Mussera

I don’t know about you but I move a lot! I mean I have moved quite a bit throughout my adult life and in college a total of 5 times in 4 and a half years. Yeah, dad was not too happy about that but the moving company loved me. There was a guy who looked like pop-eye and would literally throw 3 huge boxes on his back and walk backward up flights of stairs. It was awesome. With all the moving I did I always needed a piece of art to go on a wall and I could never… Continue Reading

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Surviving Beverly Hills: Rockstars & Bitches

Earlier this week, I was invited to a schmoozing event in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons Hotel. I met some exciting people including chatting it up with Shirley Jones and Marty Ingel (just another evening hanging out with an Oscar winner and her comedian husband). They were great and he had me laughing! But, if I had a dollar for every time someone (especially older gentlemen) ask why I am still single or what I do working in social media, I would be filthy, stinking, snarking rich! So, I put Marty to the test and asked if he knows… Continue Reading

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16 Things I Pack But Never Wear While Traveling

Tomorrow, I leave for San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World and excited to meet some more people in my field. What I am not looking forward to is packing. I mean let’s be honest – I am living out of a suitcase in my spare bedroom from my last trip. My bathroom products are still in protective double plastic bags in my other sink. I double bag all my products – I am a product whore – we have already established that but each lotion, remover and whatever else l think I am going to need while on… Continue Reading

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